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  1. The meds needed by the pumpers and other moronic INTEL providers shall be provided and administered by Dr Jack Kevorkian.
  2. Heres a rumor for you.Name the rock band who's leader Singer is Robert Plant,is playing at my birthday party next month.Wifey leaked the info to her hair dresser. I need help on this one. I don't have a clue but they better be good.
  3. I think there is black smoke coming from someone's exhaust pipe. No urgency or the RV would have happened already.IMO we are several months away. The place is in shambles and is still a violent powderkeg. Maybe I am wrong.
  4. Flushing the toilet on this one. Rediculous RV info.
  5. The men are celebrating as NAIR is finally available in pharmacies.
  6. Some of these GURUS need to be called out on their rediculous INTEL. The National Enquirer is more accurate that these folks. Tell me that there is an RV this Friday. When it does not happen and I ask you about it,you have some explaining to do.That's all.Talk to me.
  7. He needs a Singapore caning.Maybe have the letters RV branded into his forehead with a hot iron?
  8. Maybe a family discharged their weapons in celebration of having running water for the first time in 5 years?
  9. So,how much did You pay and what are the benefits?? Just curious.
  10. Take all of the IQD. Guru info,past and present, and put all of it into a garbage barrel. You know what you have? An empty barrel.
  11. For any govt to be moving at light speed is wishful thinking. That is not happening in Iraq sorry to say.The RV is months away.IMO.
  12. The only time OKIE gives me chills is when he does this ice trick thing that he learned from Mickey Rourke in the movie 9 1//2 Weeks.
  13. He is a funny guy. See the movie Goodfellas. How is Okie funny? Ask Joe Pesci.
  14. Okie is FUNNY.Seinfeld is not funny.Keep posting OKIE.The entertainment is priceless.
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