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  1. Thanks Harry!! This makes a lot of sence to me now!! This morning I was awaken by a phone call from a friend who I introduced to the Dinar. He purchased some for his son as well! My friend told me that his son was watching the Forex at 2:00 am CST this morning and the IQD went to .08 and stayed there for 2 hours, and then it went back to .00085 Something is going on!!! Hard to be patient sometimes, but we are so excited like every one. What is more important, being right, or being able to wait a little longer for our blessings without bashing Will the bashers be as aggressiv
  2. Beautiful!!! Thanks!!!! God Bless!!!
  3. LS, You are welcome!! Wherever our walk in life leads us, I hope and pray we can share the love!!! Thanks again!
  4. There are many ways to show some love!! Here is one! I have so much to be thankful for! Thank you for being kind!!
  5. This is only a theory, so bare with me, and follow me for a moment. Let's look at some numbers! ( I have always heard if you want to know something, follow the money?) On 3/31/11 the CBI currency auction sold this day in dollars 116,438,000 AND Let's say Iraq is averaging 2 million barrels of OIL PER DAY This was a low amount compared to the last previous 6 BOPD 2,000
  6. No I missed that, but I like you am a huge fan, and I will find that tune with Elvis and her
  7. Doesn't it make you feel good to think about these things! I know I feel good about reading them! So many people will be blessed, and they will in turn bless others!!! Awesome!!! Let's keep this going!!!
  8. Are you sure that is not Lybia?
  9. AFTER THE RV and after you give to your favorite charities and get out of debt!!! WHAT IS THE FIRST THING YOU ARE GOING TO DO??!!!
  10. I[/sizeWell, even though I have only been registered here in DV for a few months, I have known about and logged on to your wonderful site, on a daily basis, for almost a year. I am here to tell you, I miss the rumors. No matter who they were, or what they in fact said, you learn for the most part, to determine who has intel whether it be good or bad, and who is blowing smoke. To say the least, they have been Entertaining. So, no matter who you are, I miss you, please come on back, and give us some juicy stuff on the Dinar!! Don't let the bashers bother you, let them throw their sticks a
  11. Remember, the closer we get to an RV, the more smoke we will see! Believe half of what you see, and none of what you hear!! (Unless it is documented!!)
  12. HomeTODAY MAGAZINEPrint EditionDownloadVideoPhotoHomeConstruction Energy events kurdistan Sulaymaniyah Duhok Erbil news people Iraq says its oil production to hit 10 million bpd in 4-5 years Energy — By admin on March 28, 2011 at 5:27 pm Iraq says its oil production to hit 10 million bpd in 4-5 years Iraq’s oil ministry has said the country’s daily oil production is expected to rise to 10 million barrels per day (bpd) in the next few years, thanks to the oil deals signed with int
  13. The delima for the progressive! USA can not afford to allow the RV to happen later. It has to happen soon or there will be too many Concervitives with too much money!
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