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  1. Ok guys. I am not a lop guy but have a question about the RV that I have never understood. Currently a 25,000 note is worth approx $21.50 USD. If you take the new 25 dinar note revalued at .86, then you have a note worth approx $21.50 USD. At that point you have a revalued currency worth something, and an even trade... 25,000 for 25. I don't understand why people think this is outlandish, and by people think it can not happen. Can someone who knows more than me please explain? It seems more and more like this is the likely scenario.
  2. Hey everyone. I have been a DV member for a long time. I generally just troll the site, because quite honestly I am not cool with all the drama. I am however trying to understand something. First of all I am not a lop guy. I never have been. But I do have a question. Most people here are convinced that when the new denoms become available they have to have "value" added to them. Here is what I have never understood... Right now the exchange rate is 1165, which means a 25,000 IQD note is worth about $21.46 USD. Well is the new 25 dinar note was worth the magical .86 number guess how much a 25 note will be worth in USD? You got it... $21.50. If I exchange my 25k note for a revalued note then I would make a whopping .04 cents profit. Can anyone explain to me why this would be bad for the economy or how us exchanging a 25k note at the 1165 rate to a 25 note with an RV'd rate of .86 does not make total sense? Seems to me that would give the new currency much more buying power and value, without making anyone any profit. I may be totally missing something so please if I am help me understand.
  3. If you are a guru, know a guru, or profess to be a guru... Listen up! I propose a contest of sorts. Every guru spouts new dates and rates every single day with no penalty to them if they are wrong or intentionally spreading lies. I propose that if you are a guru and you predict a rate and date and are wrong, you have to put 5k worth of Iqd into a pot. Then let your website users (whom you lie to everyday) put their name into a drawing to win whatever is in that pot at the end of every month! Pretty simple really. If you truly believe your intel, you will gladly accept this challenge... If not... Well then we know what you are spreading! It's that simple... So gurus... Who has the cajons to step up and take the challenge? By the way Adam you are not included, cause I feel like you speak the truth! So let's rock! Gurus the ball is in your court. Spread this around everyone! I want all gurus to see it.
  4. Adam never actually said it was going to RV before Thanksgiving... What he did say was that something BIG could happen IHO before Thanksgiving that could lead to the RV. Either way, be thankful and spend some quality time with your family!
  5. Nice I get a -1 for joking around!!! If this investment stresses you out enough to get p****d at ME for making a joke about a "guru's" lapdog saying he was wrong, then you really need to re-evaluate being in this investment. If your life hinges on the future of this investment... do yourself a favor, and change your life in a way that this will not be the determining factor on if you are going to be happy or not. Being rude, inconsiderate, volatile and all around ******-baggy is not a way to treat anyone. Check yourself before you make yourself look any dumber. I have ALWAYS brought positive things to this board... But as of right now... no more from me. I will find out from my bank and cash out knowing that my life DOES NOT hinge on IF this pans out the way we all want. So please let the bashing, rudeness, cruelty and ******-baggery continue. I will certainly not see it. PS... There are people on here that have my undying respect, and I wish all of you very much success!
  6. HAHA. Some people are waaaaayyyy to serious on here.
  7. Just the messenger guys! I found this on another forum! So OOM is upset on his birthday by Inspired » August 24th, 2011, 1:11 pm • 52 PM [amadden] Hello everyone, okay this is hard to say, but this is why I asked everyone to stay grounded, I did hear from my contact and there was no RV and I have talked with Okie and he is very – very upset knowingly he mislead anyone, I have never seen Okie this upset, he trusted his source and those things can happen. But my source did say we do have a chance of this RVing by Friday and cash in on Monday, so again that is a “SHOULD” so please let’s stay grounded has I asked since last night, I do ask for you all not to be hard or talk about Okie, he is a very dear friend of mine and I know he would not intentionally do this. So has of right now there is no RV pending. I will take questions providing I have time to answer them, Thank you! Inspired Posts: 16 Joined: June 13th, 2011, 10:19 pm
  8. Haha! I hope for his sake he is right this time. That would make for some angry okie-ites!
  9. For everyones reading pleasure! Enjoy!!! Frank’s CC Monday 8/22/11 Frank speaks of his new website how it is evolving and metamorphosing to no longer answer when and where but to prepare us for proper stewardship. Frank opens with a hymn and prayer. Frank says he misses all of us; posting, calling, etc. Frank says it’s not easy what his team is doing. He’s been tired of the redundancy with answering the same questions over and over and over again. But he and Tink have dedicated themselves to us. It’s just been really taxing on them because many of us are “not coming to class” to learn about this/their investment. So, he’s changing things up now. He explains again about how he’s changing his website by backing away for a while to do this. Frank is going to sell Dinars from now on. He will have only a few sponsors from now on and will not charge his sponsors. Frank will speak of the lower denoms tonight, but after he speaks of his site first. Frank asks that many of us to stop asking about what the rate and date are going to be. He speaks of us learning to apply proper stewardship with this soon coming blessing. Frank talks about how to order dinar from him. Frank speaks of some individuals with need for selling 4 million and 1 million dinar. Contact Frank at (don't promote other sites or post personal contact info) Dinar Info; Frank says many have twisted his and Delta’s information from the past 2 weeks. Frank says please do not expect to see articles immediately after intel has been given to the family. Frank clarifies intel from past couple of weeks. Frank speaks of Delta saying he heard Shabibi on Iraqia TV say they are going to remove the 3 zeros. Frank says to Delta to go ahead and release this info to the family. Shabibi is speaking about the 3 languages on the currency meaning this is coming very soon! They are ready! Frank says, Shabibi, is talking out loud, sort of defiantly letting us know this is almost done. The latest thing Frank’s team was astonished about; GOI draft of monetary policy is presented to the parliament and accepted the draft; they did not pass it yet. Frank explains how GOI and Shabibi need to join together in harmony and work together for this to come to fruition and completion. Frank feels that they are now beginning to mesh together like a marriage. Frank mentions the article from SHABIBI…financial committee (<<CBI) speaks of the GOI and will meet again to change the monetary policy. Finance Committee meets Iraqi Central Bank Governor الأحد 21 اب 2011 Sunday August 21, 2011 Met Haider Abadi, head of the Finance Committee on Tuesday, 16/8/2011 Mr. Shabibi central bank governor, and also discussed the project to delete the zeros of the Iraqi dinar and the reasons and legal requirements and accounting and procedural preparations conducted by the Central Bank of the process of printing, transporting and distributing the new currency as well as Commission's role in providing financial support for this project. For his part, Shabibi that the new currency attributes(functions, levers, mechanisms, security features of the physical currency) are difficult to falsify in addition to the fortifications that put the new currency and explained that the project if implemented(<<Shabibi hinting at GOI) will strengthen the Iraqi dinar exchange rate against foreign currencies. At the end of the meeting the two sides agreed to hold further meetings to continue discussions on the project. ... sentatives Latest CBI inflation figures are over 6% now. Frank says, it can’t touch 7% or it will be big trouble for Iraq. Frank mentions Eagle 1’s posting about us seeing the RV rate on the CBI on a Tuesday or a Thursday; Just to repeat what I've already shared on a CC with Frank and Delta, and posted (I think) last week on the forum, because this is an international banking transaction at its core, international banks only conduct business of this nature on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. With Friday being a holy day in Iraq, it seems highly unlikely that any announcement would take place on a Friday (except perhaps in a mosque under very limited and controlled conditions). Although it has been a number of years since I left the banking field, I did spend several years both in consumer and in international banking, and served as president of Union Bond & Trust Company for a couple of years during its formative stages. Unless banking has changed a whole lot since I was in it, things still only happen on Tuesday - Thursday that affect world-wide transactions -- and that includes currency revaluations (or devaluations). Blessings, Eagle1 We will see the rate show on the CBI site first! Then everyone else will follow with that information. Today’s articles show us what transpired last Wednesday about the lifting of the three zeros, about to put out new fils, new coins and add power to their currency. They met and are going to meet again tomorrow and talk about the monetary policy. ... 31178.html ... sion-looms ... /2/258412/ Bluestar poses some questions - Frank and bluestar jockey back and forth quickly; sorry every, too fast to keep up typing with. Bluestar inquires about some fluctuations on the Forex thinking that something has been showing up lately on the forex counters. Frank says don’t pay attention so much to this. It’s the brokers and sellers jockeying back and forth. Frank speaks of how huge things have been the last 14 days. He says imagine how big things we will see in the next 2 or 3 weeks if we go that far. Transparency is becoming ever clearer. Frank speaks of the Iraq inflation – could the inflation rate be a window between 6 and 7%; could this be a window? No mention of the M2 CBI figures. Frank just now sees the inflation is 7.1% this is cause for consternation at this point. RE-POST Frank this was posted a few days ago, but shows inflation was 7.1% in July. Was 6.4% in June. That would mean approximately 7.8% in August, and September could be 8-9% . They better do something soon. ... -july.html THURSDAY, 18 AUGUST 2011 16:07 BAGHDAD: Iraq's core annual inflation rate quickened to 7.1 percent in July from 6.4 percent in June, driven mainly by higher housing rental prices and an increase in the cost of building materials, a central bank official said on Thursday. Deputy Governor Mudher Kasim told Reuters the slow response by government in addressing Iraq's chronic housing shortage had continued to push prices up. "60 percent of Baghdad families do not own houses," Kasim said. Iraq faces an acute shortage of houses after years of war and sanctions and needs between 2-3 million new homes for its growing population, officials have said. The housing shortage is a pressing demand for Iraqis and progress on the ground to address the problem has been slow, mainly due to a lack of finance. The government hopes a sharp fall in violence from the sectarian strife in 2006-07, and a new investment law allowing foreigners to own land for Iceman comes on call and says that HE HAS SEEN THE LOWER DENOMS WITH HIS OWN EYES! Even roughly a year and a half ago but not in circulation. Frank speaks of how CBI and GOI are “smack talking” the world about their soon to be implemented monetary policy. Frank explains that the contacts from whom his broker gets their dinar from a bank in Jordan then at the CBI have seen the new lower denoms. They are no longer being hidden in the back but are in view now and they see them with their own eyes but they are not released just yet. Frank reports that Delta is on assignment looking for something and if he finds what he is looking for they will report it. Frank starts to wind down the call and ends with song and prayer.
  10. This is the best thing I have read ever on this forum!
  11. And FAIL! Another prediction down the drain!
  12. I suppose so. I am just relaying what I found.
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