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I'm having problems uploading

Try this It worked for me!!

I used to put the picture in a http:// format, then go to the "Insert Image" icon above, click it and a pop-up comes up, then insert the http:// address that photobucket gives you and it should copy it to your message!!

I hope this helps!!

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Hey. Don't have a scanner. So then what do I do?????????

I just laid mine against the computer screen with my screen name showing. they wanted it to show todays date but the screen just says today and the time. But does give your screen name anyway as proof who you are.

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Adam, I like the idea, but, I really think you should notch it up a bit. Somebody that is only holding 250000 in Dinar as opposed to someone holding, say 15 million Dinar, doenst have near as much skin in the game, really! What if prove that you have two, three or even five million dinar. It will all fit in the same picture in one hand.

Are you serious?!...someone may have only 1 million and someone else may have 15 million....but the one with the 1 million may have 50% of his worth (net/gross, savings, whatever) invested, and the big fish in a little pond may have only .001 of his worth, invested, trying to be Mr. Big....(not saying that's what you're doing, by any means?)...or are you?......I have talked about the chapped a$$ syndrome before in my post.....I think this may be a small case of the LDS syndrome

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