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    6 yrs 82nd Airborne at Ft. Bragg, past 29 years working for chemical company in Houston
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    Pasadena, Texas
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    Collecting dinars & Spending time with my wonderful wife
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    Process Control Engineering
  1. :rolleyes:I don't do anything wrong, yet I'm locked out of chat. Hmmm could this be a conspiracy to eliminate all people that like to put cream of wheet in their pancake batter? Hmmmm might strange stuff. I have to this still the United States of America? Did America and all it stands for die when I wasn't looking? Has Obama finally cooked all our gooses?
  2. I'm going to invest 99.9% off the RV'd currency and then use the accrude interest to purchase a new home for my wife. That is about it. The rest I will leave to my children and grandchildren. Hopefully, they will not eat their seed, but plant it and reap a harvest to provide for their children and grandchilden. This money could last many generations if everyone does their part.
  3. Shannybelle - What a pretty horse. I had a 1/4 horse that looked just like yours. Sold her in 1979. Sweet disposition.
  4. A LOP is where an inexperienced barber cuts off a wad of hair and tries to hide it.
  5. Personally, I think this medic guy has many different aliases and "posts things about himself", just to be somehow vindicated in what he (medic) writes. I've analyzed the pudding and there is no proof in it.
  6. I think that people that read things without any fact checking are just gulible and will believe anything. I think that TRUST, but VERIFY is in order when dealing with financial matters.
  7. Well, I know who the De La Rue company is...but I don't know a thing about Ali, other than what you say he said. Who to believe? Someone who has nothing to gain by lying (De La Rue) or someone who is selling something (Ali). I would ask this Ali guy why the Delarue company representative didn't know anything about the NID, yet he named off a couple dozen other countries currencies before I interrupted him and made him stop. I think someone should take a picture of a Delarue machine with dinars in it, being counted. This would be great advertising for Ali and his company. So, whoever know t
  8. Hmmm... This afternoon, I was considering some of the threads I've read on this site concerning the Iraqi Dinar and supposed distribution of related currency counting machines. (...some even in armored vehicles to banks ) I figured the company that makes the machines should know all about the NID and what is going on. Well, I emailed them and asked if they were indeed selling the machine to banks, for the purpose of counting the new Iraqi Dinar. After just a few hours, a very courteous gentleman responded to the email and called on my cell. I asked him if the Iraqi dinar is one of the currenci
  9. Thank God for Google Listings for wachovia bank near Charlotte, North Carolina Wachovia Bank
  10. I think that means that you can only cash in the readable side. A 50% loss, not too bad ;D
  11. I have no idea how to get into Chat. Is it on this website?
  12. My name is Michael and I live near Houston, in the great state of Texas:D I purchase my first million NID about 7 months ago and have recently purchased a couple more million. Like everyone else on this site, I want to see an RV and be able to cash in. I spend 4 years in the 82nd Airborne Division at Ft. Bragg, NC. Some of the best days of my life were spent there. Afterwards, I moved back to Houston and started working for a large chemical company. That was 27 years ago and I'm still at the same place doing process control work. About ten years ago I got bored and joined the Texas Army Nat.
  13. Hi back at ya ! And a wish for you to have a Merry Christmas!
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