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  1. I want to buy a Hummer 2 or a Jeep Wrangler Unlimited so I can go camping in the boonies. I plan to put a mattress in the back and sleep there; safe from snakes. Of course, I need 4WD. Should I buy on EBAY, or Car Trader? I will be scratching up the finish, so I don't need anything nice. Cold weather, so no diesel. Any advice will be appreciated. Thanks
  2. Why does MED (nurse of nonsense) say that CBI has stopped having auctions? They had one today (02/02/12) and they had one yesterday too.
  3. Please e mail the White House and ask the President to intervene in the execution of Iranian Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani, who has been sentenced to death for conversion to Christianity and is scheduled to die on Friday.
  4. These UN rate changes occur regularly and it means nothing related to any IQD RV.
  5. USNA67


    There is nothing remotely racist about this statement. Years ago, we were informed by someone (Medic?) that the RV would be signeled in the press by the words "Watermellon" and "Life on Mars". Okie might be making an oblique reference to that time.
  6. HE............DOESN'T............KNOW................SQUAT. WHO IS "SQUAT"? i DON'T KNOW HIM EITHER.
  7. The Drudge Report has an article today, July 7, 2011, that Saturn has been seen to have huge storms and a new white spot.
  8. I want to continue to read Okie material. Perhaps those who want to ban him would like to have been Stalin.
  9. The first and most important question is whether you trust the advisor. Pick someone from your own church.
  10. The problem with that scene is that it does not pay off the USA for all our trouble, nor England..............
  11. The problem with this scene is that it would also screw the governments holding 25K's.
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