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  1. Zantac, I'll bet you don't believe any of the other rumors. Then all of a sudden one comes by to your liking and you believe it? What will you bet that he believes because it is a negative? I guess no one told him that the closer to RV the more negative the intel. Zantac are you looking to sell some of your dinars now?
  2. has the following statement: Currency Rates Notice: IQD may be redenominated by the end of 2010. More on the Iraqi Dinar Live rates at 2010.10.27 02:33:00 UTC1.00 USD = 1,169.55 IQD view USD/IQD chartUnited States Dollars Iraq Dinars1 USD = 1,169.55 IQD 1 IQD = 0.000855030 USD Link:ℑ=Submit
  3. Relax peeps! This is nothing pointing to no where. It has NOT started yet. You will know when it does.
  4. A better idea yet is if someone can put this on youtube with subtitles in English. Then post the link here
  5. I am looking for a bank in the central Florida area that will treat an IQD invester with respect pre-RV. I need to be able to get the proper account(s) set up and maybe talk with their investment rep. Anybody know of a good one? Let me know.
  6. Seems a friend of a friend went there while on vacation in CA. Before he left he said he was headed home and someone in that office said you best not or you will just have to turn around and head back. Something about some news coming in tonight re the RV. Also for you nay sayers as to the rate, I have it from a large bank mgmt source that higher up brass said $5+ and any day. Got that over a month a go. So I believe it myself. Take these rumors for what they are worth.
  7. Can you say for a fact it won't come out at $6+? If not don't rag on those that are trying to figure it out.
  8. There are plenty of raw nerves here so attention to how thread titles are worded is wise. This one should be edited to correct.
  9. More like breaking lies rather than breaking news. If it comes from Iraq media it is more lies and deception from their GOI as the GOI controls the media.
  10. All us riff raff here are glad you joined the family. Take yer shoes off and sit fer a spell.
  11. You guys that think Adam is right with his .10 - .30 BS go ahead and think that. I got word from brass at a very large bank that it will be $5+ and any day. Adam crawfished his way out of me having the option to purchase his dinar for that piece post RV at that as I think he knows better but for some reason, legal or otherwise, can't or won't say it. Frank is sticking with $3.22 - $3.86 and thinks $5+ is to the right of the spread that we cannot get. But I wonder why a bank's brass would mention it to who they did knowing at that level they are buying from us great unwashed masses and not the elite. I will stick with $5+ but don't see $7 or $8. But I would take it if offered.
  12. Obviously a noobie to this investment to put out such blatent dis-info. But then again we know there have been shills for the GOI on these sites from time to time to discourage IQD investment. Is he a noobie or a shill? Is this drj a shill? Who knows. Keep the faith as this ride is arriving at the station.
  13. All in favor of not posting any more "GOI will be formed/seated soon" say I. Man I am tired of soon. What does it mean? Tonight? Tomorrow? Next week? Or another 7 months? These "soon" articles are absolute gibberish and don't even come up to the standard of even rumor. That's my 2 cents.
  14. This one has made its rounds LONG ago. Many years old.
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