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GCR Has Started.


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Here's an article of Dinarian interests...

Article says church groups are being paid out.

Admiral Groups should be next...everything is going.

Source unreliable...

Treat as a rumor.  Not verified.  Your opine. 



Wolverine:                    Global Currency Reset.

ARTICLE:  “Spoke to Charlie today & he is very, very & very happy.  I can’t say anything, but I wanted you to know that God has heard our prayers & God is working.   We will be celebrating soon.   On Sun. 28 Jan. on a radio broadcast in Colombia a Pentecostal Group Leader said he was distributing funds to members.  This group was the lynchpin to start the bond payments.  It has more than 3 million members.   It has happened.  That leader has about 80 thousand members & it has started guys.”

High Up Source:  “The RV started today Mon. 29 Jan. at 4 pm. Everything is going.”

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Here's another article related to the above....don't be pressured into joining any groups or turning your Dinars over to them...



Goldilocks:             A Warning From Goldilocks.

ARTICLE:  Good evening, it is with a deeply sad heart that I have been moved to write to you tonight. Salty, a friend to so many of us on this journey has been affected the last few days by a group of people who are going around telling people in various rooms that they have to belong to their room or they will not be able to exchange & that the law will be coming after them.  
This threatens the emotional well-being of people & disturbs their souls & this is why I am sending this message tonight.
Folks, we live in a world whereby free speech still exists.  Even though various opinions may be out there in Dinarland we all don't agree with, it is important to have them for they touch people in different ways from people who care about others.  It is important for us to move into a place of higher ground with each other.  


The ability to live in a place of coexistence through unconditional love is the place where a mature human is able to experience miracles.  It is the place where transformations of the human heart become possible.  

I ask you to pray for my friend Salty and those who do not realize what they are doing to those around them in making the stress of this journey far more difficult than it has to be.  
My prayer tonight is "Father forgive them for they know not what they do." And watch over my friend Salty. You know she means so much to all of us.     © Goldilocks

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Here's another article related to the ER released to GOI...



MarkZ via PDK:                          New ER Released To GOI.

ARTICLE: My Iraqi contacts have said that the CBI has sent the new rates to the government.  So the rumor is the CBI has released the rates to the Iraqi government…I have heard similar things from US bankers – that all rates are now set & fixed.  So imo it’s “any moment”  A number of contacts are still remaining silent because they have signed an NDA.


NOTE:  This is a MZ verify.

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