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Saturday night opinions


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12-30-2023   Intel Guru MarkZ  [via PDK]  Everything still appears to be on track with a tremendous amount of anticipation for the next few days... There is a big push now to get the US military out of Iraq immediately.  “Iraq’s PM says government working to end presence of US led coalition forces in the country” Donald Trump once said that that when they reduced the numbers they would not completely leave the country until we have been paid for the war effort. So what does that tell us They are trying to get us out in “the next coming days” which means the RV needs to happen…as I understand it.  This could be an indicator of how close we are.  Iraq is also indicating the problems with the parallel or black market selling the dollar would be done by the first.  Buckle up for this week…We may not make it by the first…but I believe it will be very close to it.

12-30-2023   Newshound/Intel Guru Walkingstick   1310 is actually a really good rate right now because it's good to keep control of the IQD exchange rate.  By keeping it at 1310 until they're ready to pull the trigger, there's no profiteering.  There's no reason to steal a dinar.  As the CBI maintains the exchange rate value of the IQD it is affecting the rate of the USD verses IQD...The CBI is controlling the dinar...

12-30-2023   Newshound Guru Militia Man  The facts are in the pudding.  Anybody that says it's never going to happen has not done any study...When people do that I think it's reckless and I don't think they've done their research properly...

12-30-2023   Intel Guru Frank26  This is not an RV like a lot of silly people say.  This is a reinstatement.  It's about the numbers of the reinstatement.  They are talking about the fils...It's blowing my mind all the things they're telling  you...We have landed on the shore of monetary reform.  IMO because they are telling you so much in such a concentrated amount of time it's because they are in a hurry as January the 1st approaches us...

12-30-2023   Newshound Guru Pimpy  Article:  "Parliament is awaiting the 2024 budget schedules...preparing for major changes in numbers Remember I told you if they're going to make any kind of change to the exchange rate it would happen at the end of the year or before the beginning of this next year 2024.  The reason for that is businesses in Iraq have to prepare their budgets...based on what the government in Iraq does...The fact that they're saying they need to reconsider the total revenues and expenditures for the year make me wonder what it is they have up their sleeve.  There's no guarantees that's what's going to happen but if they are going to make a change to the exchange rate this would be the time to do it.

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2 hours ago, Luigi1 said:

Nothing but good news, today.

What a great way to end the year.

Thanks Ron.   GO RV.


Happy New Year to all Dinarians.

May 2024 be prosperous for everybody.


Actually that was @BETTYBOOP s post @Luigi1 :) but totally get what your trying to say and I do agree, a great way to end the year.  :) 



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