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Sunday Midnight Opinions - 11/26/2023


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REMEMBER, no one really  knows what will happen, or when.  They're simply stating their opinions based on what they perceive to be happening in Iraq... So, take everything with a grain of salt ... :twothumbs: RON 



Militia Man ...A new exchange rate...will likely be coming quickly now. The salaries will need it, the budget spending for projects will need it, getting into the international global financial system will require it.


Frank26  Our time is coming to an end in my strong opinion.  I'm excited about the fact that 2024 is around the corner.


Pimpy  There's people out there making the claim that if you all put your dinars together then you can get a better rate.  That's not true.  You're not gonna get a better rate.  There's a rate for everybody.  There is no 'getting together'.  And they're sending their serial numbers on their dinars to these people.  What you don't understand is these people are counterfeiting the dinars and they're using your serial numbers.  Don't be sending your serial numbers into people.  Don't fall for any of that crap.


Walkingstick  It's all about the accounting in order to make the exchange rate easier to transition for the accounting.  It's all about...the numbers...once they are done with the accounting, once the rate is at 1000 to 1 stand by. 


Frank26  Article: "The dollar in Iraq.. Baghdad is planning “permanent solutions” with Washington, and Parliament describes the dialogues as “successful”.  THE SOLUTION IS NOT A PROGRAM RATE!


Militia Man  Article: "The dollar exchange rates are subject to the forces of supply and demand in the market"  By adding other currencies from around the world they're going do diminish the need for the dollar and therefore it's basically going to go away...these guys are not playing games anymore...The US Treasury, Central Bank of Iraq, US Federal Reserve they are all working towards going one direction and that's to enhance the Global Financial System...


Samson  Article: "Central Bank Governor: Washington responds to all that Iraq needs in terms of dollars and a meeting with it next month"


Clare  Article: "The media advisor to the Prime Minister, Hisham Al-Rikabi, confirmed...Friday, that the dollar battle is nearing its endX Tweet:  "The reform plans for the financial and banking system undertaken by the government and the Central Bank of Iraq aim to build strong foundations for the stability of the economy and pave the way for creating a suitable climate for investment, and end the eras of illegal trade, dollar smuggling, and speculative operations in market.  In short, the battle for the dollar is nearing its end."


Pimpy  Why is it that countries were willing to exchange more Iraqi dinar for US dollars?  There's a black market out there.  It isn't just the citizens that are taking advantage of it...There are countries that one way or another...get their hand on Iraqi dinar and then they swap them on the black market for US dollars.  Yes, they are sacrificing more Iraqi dinar than what the official rate is but to them it's worth it...Iran has agreed to be paid in Iraqi dinars from Iraq to counter depreciation or the real.  They then exchange Iraqi dinar for US dollars on the black market.  Iran is one of a few countries under sanctions that do this...




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