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I admit I do agree with some of the above ( valid everywhere...So I'm referring to my Country specifically)

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This is what I and others have been talking about for so very long.

Everything politicians do is designed to divide, freedom IS NOT safe.

If you want safe, you are suffering from delusion.

NOTHING is "safe". 

Not having the freedom to protect yourself and your family is less safe than any other option.

Every single human reading this is exactly the same.

Each has a right to life, prosperity, and happiness.

The only difference is the degree of brainwashing you have accepted as "truth".

We chose the republican party to begin our revolution simply due to the Party had strayed the least.

That does not mean the GOP, as it is today, is any better than the dems, they both only want to control, oppress, and subjugate.

The only way to see a Free America is for Americans to take our country back from the imposters in DC.

I believe Trump will support Americans in this endeavor, he is the best opportunity Americans have had since Ronald Reagan.

However, if a person can not set their personal dislike of an individual aside to see the individuals value, if people continue to refuse to acknowledge common sense and instead continue to dishonor themselves with the anti-Trump un-American  morons, then each of those individuals must be acknowledged as also an enemy of the State, and then suffer the punishment due a traitor in the course of battle.

It is time to grow up or be recorded in history as an agent of evil.

If we can not keep the elected from becoming corrupted then we need to revolt against Washington DC.

Time is running out.

Pray for election 2020.

It may well be our last chance to avoid another civil war.  DM

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The truth never lies!!!

Thanks Mr. Divemaster 5734.

President Trump is not perfect, but stands for the righteousness of the people, including the unborn.  

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On 3/9/2019 at 3:09 PM, umbertino said:


I admit I do agree with some of the above ( valid everywhere...So I'm referring to my Country specifically)


America was not formed with the intent of being the only free country on the planet, rather, as proof individual freedom was possible.

True patriots do not plot ways to make all others dwell in envy, rather, we dedicate ourselves to helping every human see the truth, and understand how they too deserve the same, because in reality, we are no different.

Every society desires the same goals, the right to earn a lifestyle that will enhance the family. 

We each wish our children a life of peace, the security of knowing they are loved, the joy of childhood unmolested by hate, civil unrest, abundant healthy food, the opportunity to grow, to learn, to create.

Governments survive by sucking the wealth out of the citizenry they pretend to support.

America was, until 1776, a template for the rest of the world.

Unfortunately, almost immediately, enemies within began to sabotage, and politicians worked to expand their control over the trusting electorate.  

America is at a crossroads, soon we will either stand as free humans united for a cause, or we will fall, a weak and divided populace willing to concede morality and ethics for an easy meal.



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