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Warka Bank Interest


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On 8/15/2019 at 6:32 AM, screwball said:

It’s hard work....

I look forward to the day when this will all be behind me. Really kind of tired of the way that bank runs its business. Issa always reminds me to send my rquests to e-banking, yet e-banking does nothing unless Issa tells them what to do. No matter how much banking progress is suppossedly being made across Iraq, WARKA remains in the exact same confusion as it has always been in. As far as we go, nothing ever changes....


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Hi, text pasted below, sent direct to  M Issa who in turn sent interval to Laith Alimir, who responded back to M Issa who in turn sent to me.

My email was sent 11:00am GMT on Sunday and response received next day 10:22am.


Hope this helps👍🏻


Dear Mr. Mohammad K. Issa




My E-banking Subscription has expired and I’ve had problems changing my previous password. 


I’m requesting, please, that a reset password be sent to my email address so that I log in to my accounts again. 


I am extremely grateful for your help with this matter.


 Thank you for your kind attention to my accounts.    My client Id is****

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