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Silver coins @ SPOT price

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They have a  clearance special on some .999 silver, one ounce coins. Two days left so the site says.

I have bought from them in the past and seems to have lowest prices on gold and silver coins and bars.

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Wow the negger is in rare form today... I can see how he would neg my response on some of the political stuff, but negging me for thanking someone? You are a busy boy old man.



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4 minutes ago, ladyGrace'sDaddy said:

Quit crying. Geez like I don't know you ruby all my post:lmao:

You just don't understand Santa loves Red as much as Green


I'm not crying, I'm laughing... You ruby everything including when I thank a poster for good information. That would be like my giving you a ruby for posting pictures of your cute kids... I only give you rubies when I disagree with some stupid political comment you make!!! LOL



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