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    Full endorsement on this opportunity - but it's limited, so get in while you can!

Selling 10 Million IQD


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Hi DA,


I am also selling some of my Dinar if your interested. I have brand new uncirculated 25k notes from Dinar Trade. I would go $800 per mil if your interested. I live in Detroit area so we could possibly meet up or use Paypal and ship it as well.


Let me know if you or anyone else is interested. thx.


Thank you


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I tried to be nice. No it is not any of your damn business. It isn't a freaking car. FYI , I'm no damn snowflake, I'm die hard MAGA CONSERVATIVE. So unless you want to buy go to another thread. In fact go there anyway because I don't deal with ass holes.

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Mitch consider selling on Ebay. I was getting 1000 + a million and it always sold. I was in no hurry. . Don't sell auction style but Buy it now type sale.  Ebay and paypal fees are13% total.  So you will net $870 plus. I always offered free shipping . A priority mail envelope which shows tracking costs about $7.00 If you print it on their shipping link you are covered. Even if the buyer says he did not receive but post office shows delivered Ebay will take your side and protect you . Its actually pretty darn safe this way.  You can put down OBO but you will get a lot of low ball offers.    


I actually had quicker sales when I sold my 25K notes in 250,000 increments


 Here is a link to some recent completed listings. If its in Green it sold at that price 


Might be a good idea to not give out your email address.  Maybe a mod can take it off the thread if you ask nicely


Good Luck.



Thanks TexasGranny


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