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  1. You can email me directly at
  2. Hey Everyone! I'm looking to buy more dinar; preferably uncirculated. Why am I buying here? I figured I can get more band for my buck here than going through a dealer like usual. Besides, I figured some of you would rather offload some for more than what the dealers are paying, maybe helping us both out. Buying mode, again! For those of you we've already bought from, Thanks for making it an easy exchange! If interested, to save us both some time, please send specifics: 1) How much are you selling? 2) Your rate? 3) Denominati
  3. interested in buying you out
  4. interested in buying
  5. Within driving distance of DFW. Interested
  6. @ilovepalmtrees I'm unable to PM you. Please email me at
  7. @ilovepalmtrees I'm unable to PM you. Please email me at
  8. Interested in buying all 20 mil. Email me at
  9. I'm looking to buy more dinar; preferably uncirculated. Please let me know: How much you'd like to sell Asking rate Denominations (preferably 25k notes) Uncirrulated, or not? Your preferred contact info/method Your prefered method of payment Also, looking for Dong for the right price. I'm close to DFW and you can email me at: Thanks! 0
  10. Interested
  11. Let me know if that changes. Also close to DFW. Email:
  12. Interested and close to North Texas. Email:
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