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Guru Freeway With Some Good News On The Dong.

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from Guru Freewill...


April  6  2015   Freewill


OK first time I got this firsthand & through everyone could use some good words of encouragement.

I know I could with packing my home from foreclosure. good friend from WV contacted me and just came from the bank.

He asked the WM about the Dinar/Dong.

The WM couldn't find the Dinar on any screen but found the Dong.

He showed my friend the screen and right now it is at  .99 cents.

The higher up person came in and said for him to come back in a couple of days for more updates.

They are just waiting for the code.



Luigi says...Take this as a whopper of a rumor until it's verified from many sources. Asian Markets closed for the day.

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As I stated 3 weeks ago, I had one heck of time trying to sell my dong last year. The big 4 banks wouldn't take it as well as currency exchanges at multiple airports.

Thankfully, I was finally able to dump it at xchange of america. Got very little, but something is better than nothing and I was thrilled.


Dong stories are tooooo funny

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Wow imagine that, a bank actually having an internationally traded currency like the song on their screen....... As for the rate, that's just BS.



ha ha, just seen this now. typed it on my phone earlier, I have no idea where the "like the song" bit came from ha ha ha


I have this predictive sentance completion thing on it, guess it took over again and made me look stupid lol.

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