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    Full endorsement on this opportunity - but it's limited, so get in while you can!



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I give you that one thuggie I like Tlar what's your honest opinion of him.Also I have noticed that Randy fellow he seems quite knowledgable.

2-10-2012 Guru Randy Koonce There’s no argument with the budget – 10 cents won’t even give them the dinar for their annual budget in US dollars…the total revenue for Iraq is 26 billion dollars…they want to come out with 89.1 billion dollars (not dinar)…if they say we want our currency to be worth 10cents…that’s only 2.6 billion dinar….they don’t meet the budget. 1:1 – they’re still short…they’re 3 x short. The easiest way to see this – divide 26 billion into 89.1 = rate...3.41 – that’s it. A managed float...that’s what they have to come out with! Have to!

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Randy Lives In Austin And Has Been Debunked On DV For Years For Attempting To Use Voodoo Math To Justify A $3+ Rate ! :blink:

Tlar Probably Would Of Been Alright If He Had Just Stuck To Reading And Discussing Articles

But He's Embraced And Adopted All Of This Nutty Pumper Guru Intel Nonsense

With Prediction Dates And $3+ Rates That Even My Little Buddy SandFly Laughs At ! :o


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Thanks for the introduction to brokerkeith, Debra... he deprived us of his wit far too long!  ;)

Thanks Whatsherface, I bet nobody else can say they doubled their # of friends in one day.......I am just sooo popular.

Now I can spend more time talking with you, just don't tell my other friend D Layne....or I may be back to one friend.

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