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  1. Saleh stresses that "the bank has enough to dispel these procedures bubble within a few hours of shut down and restart the situation to what it was previously." What does this mean? And good morning Yota
  2. Omg, I WISH! Being a dinar guru has been my dream ever since I was a little girl. The legions of fans. The masses, clinging to my every word. The kickbacks on reserves!! To dream...the impossible dream...
  3. I've got a friend who is keeping a close eye on the bonds being traded internationally, as in right here. Word has it a major bond company has been waiting with its finger poised above the SELL button for weeks. I guess they're on hold and tired of waiting just like the rest of us.
  4. Indeed it has. I told myself a few weeks ago that if budget opens with no RV I'm going to find a new hobby. Now I'm just trying to remember what year's budget they have again failed to open. What's up with the budget anyway? It's like the biggest deal in all of Dinarland where did we leave that pesky thing anyway? I think it rolled under the fridge. And once something rolls under the fridge, it's history.
  5. Uhm, yes, I have a suggestion for this new and improved committee: Why don't y'all go ask the CBI to revalue the currency, so that you don't need to keep forming new and improved Comittees for the Ongoing Discussions of Obvious Things? Thank you, A concerned American citizen
  6. I know. I guess the amount would be altered to reflect a new rate if a new rate is going to be included, but this is for January and February right? I'm trying to get enthusiastic about this but I'm just not there, Somebody help me see it.
  7. I don't know if I like him saying "... the financial situation is not as bad as some might imagine"
  8. So out of sheer curiosity, is there any indication that this suggests RV? Or do I have to put on goggles to see it? I'm either rusty or deadened to the subject of smart cards. Looks like card people get their $ tomorrow, and maybe hard copy paychecks issued Wednesday...?
  9. That's all- it was just Intel from several months back when maliki was yammering about selling bonds. Apparently the IMF said no bonds until RV or Ri or whatever. And suddenly he shut his yap. Still, no bonds right?
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