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Baghdad celebrates relieving Iraq of UN Charter's 7th Chapter






Thursday, 27 June 2013 22:59 



Baghdad (AIN) –Baghdad Mayorship announced starting the celebrations throughout Baghdad on the occasion of relieving Iraq from the UN Charter's 7th  Chapter.


Baghdad Mayorship quoted the Acting Mayor of Baghdad, Abdul Hussein al-Murshidi, as saying ''Baghdad Mayorship launched wide celebrations with huge popular participation on the occasion of relieving Iraq from the UN Charter's 7th Chapter.''


"The celebration included launching fireworks and raising the Iraqi flags in addition to organizing motorcades that spread flowers and sweets on citizens in Baghdad,'' the statement added.


The UN Security Council voted by majority on relieving Iraq from the UN Charter's 7th Chapter on Thursday evening. \END\






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wow flowers and sweets, probably the candy no one likes to get on halloween.

Yeah They gave them those little packets of sweettarts instead of snickers, Milky Way and Three Musketeers...........I always hated b@$tard$ like that.

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Starting mass celebrations in Baghdad to mark the withdrawal of Iraq from the provisions of Chapter VII



Thursday, 27 June 2013 20:48 

Baghdad announced Amin Abdul Hussein Morshedi launching major public celebrations organized by the Municipality in the general areas of the capital on the occasion of the withdrawal of Iraq from the provisions of Chapter VII.

It quoted the Directorate of relations and the media in a statement received by the agency Ambassador News a copy of it for Morshedi saying during his care and his direct supervision on these celebrations that "the Municipality of Baghdad and through its departments of municipal fourteen sawmill in the general areas of the capital, Baghdad began shortly before Pkrnda festive major participation of public and wide on the occasion of completion Iraqi sovereignty and a vote of the UN Security Council's decision to remove Iraq from the provisions of Chapter VII after he fulfilled all its international obligations in an important step to restore its role at the international and regional levels and to achieve the gains of the task in the political, economic, trade, cultural and other fields. "

Murshidi added that "the Municipality of Baghdad celebrations on the occasion included fireworks in the sky of the capital Baghdad and raise ornamental bulletins and Iraqi flags and organizing processions wheeled roving municipal districts roaming the streets and The Panther roses and candy on citizens participation of a number of folk groups."

The UN Security Council has issued a Thursday evening a important decision to remove Iraq from Chapter VII of the Charter of the United Nations.





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