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  1. (sigh( Don't you have a Twilight fan fiction forum to troll?
  2. You realize how dumb you just sounded, right? You tell someone their *** joke was ignorant and HE'S the one you stick up for? Oh, sorry. You sound like you're from one of those churches that follows the teachings of Jesus, except for the whole love everyone. Only love the ones who live like you. Got it.
  3. Neg me if you want, but I don't come to this site for Obama bashing, or ANY political bashing for that matter. As an investor for many years, I've learned if you're right or left, you're not a good investor because you're seeing the forest for the trees. Wagh! The Right does this. Wagh! The Left does that. It doesn't. Freaking. Matter. I come here to check articles about the Dinar. If this has nothing to do with Dinar Articles, take it to the politcs section.
  4. Wow. OK. You mean me? The guy who's job it is to cruise news sites on the Internet/tv for his job at reporting news on the radio? Oh, ok. Thanks. Not quite sure what brought on all the butt-hurt with you, but all I was asking was why was it in the "dinar" part and not "news" part. But feel free to be that way. Here's a little tip though if you'd like others to see your vision of the World. Try not to be a jerk about it.
  5. A friend of a friend of mine saw another friend who heard from his girlfriend's sister that Ferris was sick. Guess its pretty serious.
  6. Dear Rod. Just hit submit once. Maybe take your phone back until it's passed its SAT.
  7. Here's why I'm so PO'd at Iraq. With a stock, you get money over a while. Nothing huge. You let it ride, long term, hopefully cash it in after a few years, make a little money. With this, it's a one time thing. could be big. Like a horse race. But these slow moving #### won't even let the horses run.
  8. A committee to form a council, which will then designate a group to discuss voting on a panel to see who should be on a cabinet to arrange the board that will vote on the task force. /rolls eyes
  9. I never thought I'd say this but. I'm kind of tired of Good news now. Still no RV. It's like your date telling you all the things you can do to her at the hotel, but there's not a hotel in sight.
  10. Really? Small explosions and rockets? You really wanna celebrate that way? I mean, your land and all, but that seems like celebrating in Antarctica with a snowball fight.
  11. I would think just not missing the shot and let God sorting it out would be enough.
  12. It would be nice if Negs were only used for poor comments that were wither lies or misleading and pluses used for positive or truthful posts, but sadly, some people like to wield the small amount of internet power they have in just being mad about something. I liken it to slamming a phone down, but just by pushing a button.
  13. The Council of Ministers' Secretariat General announced that the CoM intends to hold an additional session next Sunday, 2, June to consider another session to form a committee to vote on topics that may or may not be raised by the previous council and its committee, which may or may not be cancelled due to the first committee's vote from the second committee's failure to show to the first vote because it looked like rain.
  14. The meeting was cancelled immediately when the two opposing parties couldn't decided on the color of the pen to use. The meeting was adjourned and will reconvene soon. A third party has asked for the document to be signed in erasable pen, which may further the delay until next year as committees are formed to vote on who should be on the committee to vote on members to be in the first committee to decide on the color of pen to use.
  15. So basically, everyone's yelling "Turn the ship, there's an iceberg!" and the Captain is calmly saying, "No...we're good."
  16. It's great and all, but after these past few years I feel like an abused dog who occasionally gets a whiff at the steaks they're cooking next door. /waiting for my steak.
  17. Will it slow them down? You're talking about a government that slows down when the wind blows too hard. Will it slow them down? You're talking about a government that slows down when the wind blows too hard.
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