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  1. something's fishy in 2004 they started "rigging" 3 billion dinar that had just been introduced at a rate of I think 4000/1 . today they cant get their peeps to have any confidence in their own currency yet 10 years ago in some electricity starved war ravaged country with daily bombs these guys had the "ability" let alone the confidence in a newly introduced or forced currency at an extremely worthless rate to want to counterfeit the dinar. Why not counterfeit the dollar it has more purchasing power less anti counterfeiting measures more desirable in their markets. perhaps rumors abound back th
  2. looks like the camel couldn't see his shadow so till spring we wait. then again a camel can defecate standing up could he be the most intelligent life without its head stuck so far up its hole
  3. oh boy another serving of lima beans just add it to the salad bar of confusion pretty soon we will be smelling lamb chops then we will have a full buffet and feast like gluttonous kings. Hear Hear
  4. Once again we wait and wait last I heard he was going to do a recap of his window of opportunity that closed leaving him stating he would return at weeks end to update.there are a couple people I like to read into Randy being one of them.has anyone heard any late guru koonce Intel. Thanks
  5. Bonds, bonds, bonds, how about derma bond and put it together and unveil this project already.
  6. Agreed, legless mosquitoes let me know when the last remaining member cuts his own head off .
  7. interesting though it is an annual event and last year was interesting but this year is even more interesting and next year will be even more interahhhhhhhhhhhhhh just stop we are sitting nice right now but my butt is in need of some movement IRAQ lets do this and look if ya want some of those new Benjamin's to study give me 100 dinar each muuwahahahahaha.just some food for thought wouldn't it be ironic if Turki planned another trip here on Nov.28 hey just saying a little stuffing and mashed potatoes and Turki for dinner is tasty!!! hold the spiral cut Maliki
  8. LMAO just gave me a laugh I needed someone needs to tap their brains or phones to get to the bottom of this we as investors have a right to know the true direction of this company. Where's the board members lets get this meeting started.
  9. Becoming international one way or another definitely good off your neighbor and step out beyond the curtain and let's get this show on the road.
  10. One of the illustrations that pyramid showing what we consider huge controlling companies are at the base.deffinately an interesting read.
  11. I always hear the names and did a search and came across this history tree that made me say hmmmmmmm but not sure where to post it.
  12. indeed thanks guys I was about to post a frustrated negative comment about this whole dang scenario and just that little bit of enlightened humor made me smile and take a breath so for that I thank you.
  13. Intriguing what gives.that 3 part split is worry some that would call for a new currency with 3 regional representations ...........Oh intriguing .
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