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Sadrist MP calls to include Basra to Kuwait in case not settling borders issues with Kuwait

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Friday, 29 March 2013 13:08 | pdf_button.png | printButton.png | emailButton.png



Baghdad (AIN) –MP, Hussein al-Mansouri, of al-Ahrar bloc within the Sadr Trend called to include Basra province to Kuwait if the government would not be able to settle the borders issues with Kuwait.


Speaking to All Iraq News Agency (AIN), Mansouri said “If the government cannot settle the borders issues with Kuwait without taking more Iraqi territories, we will have to include Basra to Kuwait.”


“The Iraqis should not pay for the policy of the former regime and Kuwait has to behave in a good way regarding this issue without affecting the families of the borders because these territories are about 16 KMs and will not be useful for Kuwait because it is taken by violation.”


He stressed the necessity of “Adhering to the International Court to reconsider the borders with Kuwait and Iran which is also violating the Iraqi territories where the sides have to think about settling this issue.”


It is worth mentioning that the families of Um Qasr district are affected by reconsidering the borders with Kuwait and they were requested to leave their lands in the last week. /End/


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There is so many CRAZY articles that is coming out lately that is contrary again one another.  I being to think Iraq news and/or who ever is publishing these articles is doing this on purpose.  I want believe non of these articles until there are facts to back them up.  Thanks for posting..Go RV

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Iraq, March 27, 2013
Iraqi foreign ministry announced today that there is "a feeling of resent among the Iraqi people against Kuwait for cutting off Iraqi territories by the demarcation of the borders", pointing that "re-demarcation of borders is impossible and very complicated".


Under-Secretary Labeed Abawi stated to Sky news Arabic that the differences were created by some border signs that created a crisis in the past few days between Um Qasr area residents and the technical committees of demarcating the borders between the two countries.


The crisis is that some of the signs pass through residential areas, while others through agricultural lands.


The people there demanded full compensations in new residents and agricultural lands.

He pointed out that "Iraq will build a residential city for the people whose houses and lands to be confiscated through a special fund to be endorsed by the United Nations".


Abawi disclosed that the resentment was due to the delay in the compensations and alternate agricultural lands.


About 250 houses in Um Qasr area shall be evacuated and their lands will be under Kuwaiti sovereignty according to the agreements signed between the two countries.


On the other hand, it was agreed that the buffer zone between the two countries shall be 50 meters, instead of 500 m.


UN Security Council issued in 1993 a resolution on demarcating Iraqi-Kuwait borders 

with a length of 216 km, which matter was partly implemented during the ex-regime.

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