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  1. Blacklist those mofos sending our US dollahs over to Iran, Syria, and other unapproved places. JERKS. Lay the snack down CBI!
  2. Are they really debating the dimensions and shapes of their city boundaries in reference to the process of kicking IS out of there? Iraqidiculous…
  3. So the villain of the decade coaches his minions that still have their dirty fingers in the proverbial Parliamentary cookie jar. Coming up with schemes and telling them what to vote for and not vote for, which days to be absent and which ones to show up and delay proceedings, etc. When will he go away forever?
  4. Does this indicate they've been circulating the same edition of dollars and haven't really gotten any replacement bills from the US Treasury? What happens when the bills wear down and have to be taken out of circulation? What happens if we don't send anymore over for some reason?
  5. With Allaq still sitting governor of the CBI, progress will still be delayed or outright impeded. He needs to be replaced, preferably with Dr. Shabibi.
  6. Is this similar to Trump not releasing his tax returns until after the audit is done?
  7. Zebari buying time, paying people off with stolen CBI funds to keep them from attending sessions, so his questioning won't continue.
  8. Now with this nonsense again? How many times will they bring this up, drop it, bring it up again, ad nauseum?
  9. So they've decided to let Turkey deal with Turkey's issues and wished them the best. Good. No sense in butting in and they can't spare any help with dealing with ISIS.
  10. Well if you've seen the ISIS be heading videos in the past, which international video forensic experts admitted were likely faked with high level technology, then it's hard to believe this report as well. If you're not there witnessing it firsthand, it's never 100% believable.
  11. Iraq's population is similar to many others, there's a bell curve of citizen wealth holdings. The majority of people work for the government and get paid decently, so some can afford to buy the lower amount bonds and make some money over two or three years. There are always going to be rich, middle, and poor in any society. Iraq is no different.
  12. There has definitely never been an agreed definition of what delete the zeros means. And for security and stability, of course there will never be 100%, but I think they're looking for at least 95%, meaning Parliament is formed with people actually doing their jobs and not squabbling over political differences and money, and security pushing out all but the smallest circles and groups of violent terrorists. Until Shi'ite and Sunnin eventually mutually destroy each other, there will always be a small presence of that notion in any situation. But as long as they can keep it mostly contained, I think the CBI, ministry of finance, and other players involved could approve of a rate change/currency reform.
  13. Hhhmmm… so oil shipments are slowing, shouldn't prices be rising?
  14. There it is. The 50k note. Right there for us all to see. Aren't there any articles with the chosen image showing people handling large denomination dinar notes? I'm surprised we haven't seen any of those yet.
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