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Tomato Plants - Funny True Story


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This morning I was in the convenience store to buy a breakfast taco, a drink for the road and fill up on gas before I left for a two hour drive home.  While waiting, I was listening to an eldery viatnamese check out clerk, talking in her native accent to all of her familiar customers.  When it was my turn to check out, she started talking about her tomato plants at home and how they weren't producing very many tomato's.  Then she said, last year, she had five tomato plants that grew to four feet tall that didn't produce any tomato's at all.  As I paid her, I suggested that perhaps there weren't any bees, and as I was walking out the door, she said to my back in her viatnamese accent, maybe they were g a y! I couldn't help but burst out in laughter! :lol:



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Must have bee  drones...they are sting-less, large eyed and largely useless :rolleyes:  B)


[as once they mate with the queen bee they die. All the drones of a hive have the same identical DNA (but only 16 chromosomes so they are haploid, not the full 32 chromosomes or they would be diploid) so any one drone can pass on the same genetic information and reproduce identical worker bees.]


Perhaps the missing chromosomes meant they can't identify tomato flowers! :shrug:


Then again hybrid (neutered) tomato may be never meant to reproduce :eyebrows:

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