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Iraqi News Iraq's leading PM candidate Maliki injured by assassins

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The site's operators claim that 80 percent of what Debka reports turns out to be true, ... Retrieved from "" ...

Have not seen any other confirmation on this.

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Iraq's leading PM candidate Maliki injured by assassins

DEBKAfile Exclusive Report March 15, 2010, 11:49 AM (GMT+02:00)Tags: Iraqi politics Nouri Maliki

Nouri al-Malikidebkafile's intelligence and Baghdad sources disclose that prime minister Nouri al-Maliki was injured in an attempt on his life last Thursday, March 11. His armored convoy came under an RPG-automatic fire attack after a bomb hit his car. US and Iraqi authorities have blacked out the incident, but our sources learn that Maliki is being treated for moderate-to-serious injuries at the American military hospital. One source says he was hit in the arm. His doctors apparently found his condition was too serious for him to face TV cameras and deliver a broadcast statement to the nation scheduled Sunday March 14, although members of his State of the Law party were beginning to ask questions about his disappearance.

As the counting of votes continues in Iraq's general election, it confirms the Maliki party's lead against its foremost rival, former prime minister Iyad Allawi's secular al-Iraqiya bloc of liberal Shiites and Sunni Muslims.

Allawi's is running an active campaign to prove widespread vote-rigging both in the balloting of the 19 million eligible voters in the country and the more one and a half-million ballots outside.

Maliki is running ahead in seven to nine provinces. Still, Allawi who appears to have carried five, hopes to unseat his rival and win a second term as prime minister.

The incumbent, a Shiite, is solidly backed from Washington as its best hope for a stable government that would allow the US military to pull out of Iraq on time in August, seven years after the invasion.

Saudi Arabia and Syria and some circles in the Obama administration promoted Allawi's bid.

The attack on Malliki was obviously aimed at getting rid of the American candidate for Iraqi prime minister. His State of the Law party is very much a one-man show. Without its leader, it would probably break up into factions and its winning parliamentary members attach themselves to other groupings in the 325-member House.

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Dang and we're worried about an RV looks like they have bigger things to worry about..........But it makes me feel glad to be an American!!!!!!!!!!!

I agree Keith, and I think too many people here take for granted how blessed we are. We are so much more fortunate than the majority of the world's population. What a way to have to live. I hope Malliki is going to be ok, for the sake of the people of Iraq.

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Anybody think that the 10 day setback might be his inabiility to "meet the press" at this time? I understand there are all sorts of things that might ... ten days is adequate recovery time for a lot of injuries.

Just a thought

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I truly beleave there is gonna continue to be many different articles coming out , and it will be hard to figure out what is true and what isn't. But, after RV, no more rollercoaster ride, no more intel, no more speculations, no more rumors. Just check forex for changes, unless you want a keep on riding.

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One would think after 4 days FOX, AP, ABC, Reuters, yadda yadda someone would have picked up on this.

I hope it's not true, The Iraqis need some more stability. They have a long way to go

Check out this link from the New York Times...

Think Maliki will be OK? Doesn't say anything about him being shot...only possible usual

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Iraqi leader Denies Assassination Attempt as initially Reported by Unreliable Sources ...

unreliable sources reported on Monday:

User Name DEBKAfile Mon, 15, 2010 02:58 AM PDT

*Assassins injure PM hopeful Nouri al-Maliki improving chances of rival Iyad Allawi.

*Iraq's leading PM candidate Maliki injured by assassins

Iraqi leader denies assassination attempt

Published: March. 15, 2010 at 7:23 PM

BAGHDAD, March 15 (UPI) -- Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki appeared on television but did not address rumors he had been assassinated, speaking instead about overall violence in Iraq.

The prime minister, awaiting the outcome of returns in his re-election bid, appeared on TV Sunday night, praising the work of Iraqi security forces during the elections, The New York Times reported Monday.

"I do not believe that the killing and the bombs can bend the people from their path," Maliki said.

The ballots from the March 7 election were still being counted with no public sighting of Maliki, providing grist for the conspiracy rumor mill, the newspaper said.

A headline in the Saudi-financed daily newspaper Asharq al-Awsat read: "The reports of the prime minister's assassination are false." An article in the same newspaper quoted an anonymous "high-ranking Iraqi official" saying he would "not dismiss that Maliki survived an assassination attempt," the Times reported.

Amid the rumors, Iraqi citizens say the longer the delay in determining the winner of the election, the higher the chance of eventual violence.

"Every day we hear on television reports of fraud and negative things taking place," Souad Hussein, 45, a teacher in Diyala Province, north of Baghdad, said. "Regardless of whether they are true or false, the delay raises doubts."

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