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  1. The gunman thought that the currency exchanger can RI but unwilling, so he shot him.
  2. 1 thing that is forgotten..... I trust no men especially thought statement. In GOD I trusteth. The RI/RV is coming. It's all God's timing. It's at the door. Do not believe what above is saying "his thought", sorry but thoughts don't counted. Have faith and hope in GOD, not thoughts of anyone.
  3. I'll send you an ancient Japanese Sake(hot wine) after RV'ed, that is. You'll love it and It'll take you out of this world.
  4. SexyDinar, I think they did with a grinade. Remember???? lol The idot did it with an outdated grinade, only if he used our modern sniper few miles away still would have done the job.
  5. Praise God and ALL the glory be unto HIM, amen and amen!!
  6. Order at I just ordered today COD and it's arriving tomorrow 1:00PM at my door. Go to the website and call them and order it. You can trust them. All orders are COD's only. This is the place I trusted and ordered many times. Yours guarantee.... Chang
  7. Adam Montana lives in Wisconsin. Call him or email him.
  8. A true leader gives and when you do, people will give back and honor you for it. I think Maliki is a slow and doesn't see very far. If he RV, the whole country would love him and he made a history. He didn't and now God took the throne and give it unto other. Remember Saul, God took his throne and gave it to David. Allawi will have a shot and he cannot wait. He will RV it just to have US support continually. ~Chang
  9. Sir, How do I get into this group of the 50mil IDQ. Please let me know. Just post it right here or how do I go about it. Thank you very much and GOD bless..
  10. Thy sins forgiving thee. Go and sin no more or it'll be worst 7 times than the first.
  11. Anybody have more info on this? Thanks
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