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  1. Theres that word... Devalue again, all of a sudden, The more I see that word being thrown around the more excited I get... Chinese also did the same thing! SMOKE!
  2. that moron has been saying its rved for years now.... lost count... in the hundreds.... how many times i heard 48 hours... lol
  3. Any one else see this article? One of the worse ones I've ever seen about Dinar being a scam and the morons who invest in it...... Misinformation? I would think so and gets me worked up when I see this stuff. It was in Forbes about a month ago. All you can do is read between the lines.... and this coupled with articles that outwardly claim they are "Resetting" the currency... well, oh ya! That's the kind of between the lines I can get excited about !!! Dinar Deception Driven By False
  4. just like Turkey???? argggggggggggggggggggggggggggh, Dont want to hear that!
  5. AND, of coarse very very interesting that the Elephant has entered the room and the press has not a word to say about this HUGE historical moment... Amazing that they are ignoring this huge story!!!! Very telling...
  6. I have not heard people talking about this line in particular contained in the UN press release concerning the lifting of Chapter 7: "Recognizing that the situation that now exists in Iraq is significantly different from that which existed at the time of the adoption of resolution 661 (1990), and further recognizing the importance of Iraq achieving international standing equal to that which it held prior to the adoption of resolution 661 (1990)" This just screams RI to me!!! I never considered an RI as apposed to RV because it's a new currency... but this was a wow moment for me. An
  7. Clearly this is just another shot of hopium and Delta got caught sleepin at the switch... the wording is exact to the article... ya right
  8. didn't any one ever tell Okie that a GOOD CHRISTIAN does not lie... especially maliciously... lol It was like only yesterday (about a year ago) when Okie claimed he has seen the RV in Iraq and had seen, with his own eyes, the RATE PUBLISHED in Iraq's newspapers... claiming yet another Monday cash in. MORON
  9. Just for my 2 cents.... I absolutely will have several companies and give lots of people work from this RV.... and cant wait for those "headaches"! and then some
  11. NUFF SAID... ahhh hahahahaha.
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