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  1. Mongo

    Dinar News

    After the shut down of the Government, the shutdown isn't over the border wall, the Gov. has to be shut down to implement all that President Trump wants to do, I don't know the timeline, but it won't be long, been waiting ten years myself
  2. Mongo

    Dinar News

    anywhere in the world, US too
  3. Mongo

    Dinar News

    go to 20:30 on video, Dinar and Dong to revalue
  4. Mongo

    Dinar News

    Watch YouTube, The Trump/Q Plans for the D33P STAT3...………..New currency for US, Iraqi Dinar revalued !
  5. There are many countries that have dropped the greenback as their reserve currency which also means they buy oil with other currencies. I wish the petrodollar was Iraqi Dinars !!!
  6. Seen the same picture 2years ago.......groundhogs day
  7. Someone knows they 're a monkey throwing ******...........I wonder who? Step right up Ladies and gents, see roy the monkey throw his ******* at you. Duck if your fast enough because that stuff stinks The offensive picture was removed - vulgarity is against forum rules - trying to bypass the language filter is also against forum rules
  8. does.......................we get to......................
  9. It doesn't mater who they put in office, this country has run it's coarse, GOD has taken the wisdow of leadership away from the people in this country , the people clamor for a wise leader in the land,but there was none to be found. Hmmm.... I think that happened in the land of Juda back in biblical history. You see, sin crept in then as it has today to the point that GOD can't stand to look apon us, and removes his blessings from our lands
  10. You can't always go by that, some new members come here because they have info or connections and hit the ground running
  11. What's the big mystery...........................Biden loves belly Dancers
  12. To be quite Frank... I think Ron Paul was threatened by the powers that be, that him and his whole family would end up like JFK. These people will go to any lenghts, even murder
  13. He was the Lord of his castle, which we give him praise for, but alas he was just a Court Jester in the halls of Camelot(DV)yes he entertained us, made us laugh and made us cry, but now I want my job back:lmao: Away with with his head
  14. No be leery of mice that surf......................Ron Jon:o
  15. Send him back to Kenya, take Roy with you
  16. Obama is an OXYMORON.............. and so is giving a medal of a ...SOCIALIST Socialism: Read your history book(if you can read) find out what Socialism has done for other countries it's not a pretty picture, ask the people if they were free, did the countries prosper Socialism and social networks,.....two different meanings
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