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  1. My everyone have safe travels and great time with family and friends.
  2. As long as we are pissed off. When at a funeral recently I was visiting with a school teacher from central USA who was asked to excuse a student of Islam religion for prayer. When this teacher refused to let a child go during the middle of the day, she received a visit from the principal who demanded to know why. She told her that the child only wanted to get out of a class that she hated. Not only that she was dishonest and had been caught cheating on many occasions. She then told the principal that she would be more than happy to lead a prayer for the other 25 children that believed in Jesus. Why should they get a special prayer room in the public school when God is not allowed in, not even His name?
  4. BEN CARSON HAS MY VOTE. Looked into this some time ago.
  5. EKDKQ will this one come back, Eastman Kodak?
  6. Heavy sad to see you go. If one person reads your stories and makes them think your work is done. May the lord be with you and see you around.
  7. Article Discover the expert in you. Savings Account Withdrawal Restrictions By Ciaran John, eHow Contributor Savings accounts are interest-bearing accounts that you can open at banks and credit unions. Unlike checking accounts, savings accounts have withdrawal restrictions. The Federal Reserve imposes limits on the number of withdrawals you can take from your savings account each month. Financial institutions are required to comply with the Federal Reserve's rules limiting withdrawals, but many institutions place further limits on withdrawals, which means some savings accounts allow minimal withdrawals. Regulation D Federal Regulation D limits withdrawals from all kinds of transactional savings accounts, including money market savings accounts. Generally, you can make no more than six withdrawals from a savings account during a bank statement cycle. Statement cycles generally last for between four weeks and a month. The types of withdrawals limited by Regulation D include check withdrawals, debit card withdrawals, automatic transfers, account transfers initiated over the Internet or telephone and withdrawals made using bank drafts. Regulation D Exceptions Withdrawals made in branches are unlimited as are withdrawals made at automated-teller-machines. You can also transfer money from one account to another at the ATM, via the mail or in-person at your financial institution without restriction. Regulation D does not place limitations on withdrawals made to make loan payments and other charges paid to the same institution that holds the savings account. Withdrawals unregulated by Regulation D are "non-covered" withdrawals. Bank Limits Banks have to keep money on hand to pay interest to savings account holders. The financial world rewards investors with higher returns when they sacrifice a degree of liquidity. Consequently, some banks limit savings withdrawals to just one withdrawal per month in order to encourage account holders to leave funds at the bank. Accounts with these kinds of withdrawal limits usually pay better rates of return than accounts that allow the maximum number of withdrawal permissible under Regulation D. Excess Withdrawals When you exceed your withdrawal limit, your bank can assess a penalty fee. If you exceed the maximum number of withdrawals allowed under Regulation D, your bank normally sends out a notice informing you that you have violated Regulation D. If you exceed the Regulation D withdrawal limit several times, your bank has to close your savings account or change it into a non-interest-bearing checking account. If you use your savings account for overdraft protection on your checking, excess transfers to cover overdrafts count toward the Regulation D limit. Many people fall foul of Regulation D because of establishing overdraft protection in the form of a savings account. Resources
  8. Check this out www.
  9. BBLKF Stock has started moving again after there problems. Years back I bought and sold and made great profit, buying at .01-.02 selling at .04-.11. One to watch. With penny stocks use money you can afford to lose. I also use the 300.00 rule invest with that amount and when I have put the 300.00 back I can invest more.
  10. About a year ago a business man called me and said a menber of my faimly had a machine delivered to his business i toild him to send it back. One month later he call again they would not take it back because he did'nt ordered it and the person in my family would have to send it back which didn;t work for his company but the machine was in my faimly menbers name and worked for his company. The twist is that his business and my business are the same type of business in two different towns. Is this a person that knows us? Now we file our taxes and we efile and is is kicked back because the person in my family has altready filed there taxes. We also were sent a check from a bank that we can cash if we contact them and give them our ss number and it is a po box for the bank which we didn't do this was a tax refund. A lot of the company's we have delt with have been good to deal with but some say we will just wreck your cedit. We have learned a lot, years a go we purchased credit protection, every thing takes time filling out paper work talking to company's and the police. If you have not looked into credit proection please do there are different company's. The one we have has worked will with us. When the Dinar comes to be there will be more scames out there looking for your money. The person in my family has not joined Dinar Vets or Face Book. We have always had unlisted phone munbers. Sorry for my spelling and the way i write. We are not finished with this but soon. This has happened to a lot of people once it has happened to you people talk.
  11. My dad said I wouldn't sit in church so he took me to the bathroom and I got my spanking and not the only kid in there getting a spanking.
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