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  1. This guy must think Adam in on the switch
  2. Say anything you like, but does anyone else notice that there are still ads to sell Dinar? Including right here, right now. That my friends seems to be the only constant.
  3. A std currency exchange at a bank is just that; an exchange. There's spread. Another bs article. My bank simply charges a $15 service fee. Regardless of the amnt.
  4. Again, my question is, am I cashing in at 500 Dinar, or 500,000... The forex sites say 500. Who's Gurus am I to believe?
  5. Go to 3 AA meetings a day, and help a bunch of people get sober. Sorry, also get medical insurance.
  6. 1. As previously mentioned, there's still ch 8 2. A trio of sanctions is, by no means all sanctions.
  7. And you have several people on the inside, and therefore know his contacts are not legitimate?
  8. Most likely, these insurgents are funded by Iran. Yet Iraq insists on allowing them into cooperative oil and banking agreements, so, once again, even if by proxy, we still fund terrorism.
  9. So, is someone secretly releasing the remaining sanctions tonight then???
  10. Again, please stop confusing an RD with a lop. Please do some more reading before you post stuff that might confuse the newer investors... Unless, of course, that's your purpose.
  11. Why on earth are you still kicking this horse.... There is no lop.
  12. 90% of the intel givers are puppets. I'm trying to figure out why I spend even a minute reading this crap, when I should just be calmly waiting for Montana's email. Go home. Enjoy your weekend, and your families.
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