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  1. Lol, thanks, i guess i should expect a few shots if i'm going to ask about such things.
  2. Actually Mammaw, i have done just that, i have purchased more Dinar here. I have contacted other banks in Iraq that are doing fine to ask about current accounts, but i have found a couple of Diner dealers that aren't trying to rape people on money that's currently worthless here. Thank you for your insight.
  3. Hey, relax everyone, i didn't post that because i thought it was fact, i posted it to get more info on it from people who have more intel than i do. If you actually READ my words you'll see i wasn't trying to sell you on it, i was trying to see if anyone could confirm it since i myself didn't get a response from the banks. I thought this was a site where people with Dinar could bring their info and figure out what's good intel and what's B.S., not a place where idiots that don't read the whole post take cheap shots at a person who is genuinely trying to figure out what's truth and what's not. Real nice.
  4. Thank you for your response Goodlife, i'm waiting to hear back from Warka and two other banks in Iraq, hopefully they respond since i'll be getting 116,000 Dinars for every $100 i wire....Not like the $130 you'll spend for 100,000 Dinar in the states.....
  5. Thank you for looking into it, i take everything i read about Dinar matters with a grain of salt, i never believe what i can't confirm for myself that's why i posted it here to get more people and sources to look into it. I've never heard of PTR before this, thanks for the warning about them.
  6. I came across this about a week and a half ago, i did my own investigation and took the time to contact the wealth management divisions of WellsFargo, Citi and Chase. I have not recieved a response from any of them, this would be an awesome service and advantage for all of us, can anyone on this site confirm this is legit? Saturday, March 3rd, 2012 | Posted by RJ Top 4 Dinar RV Banks – Taking IQD RV Matters Into Their Own Hands Wed, Feb 29, 2012 Subject: Banks Take IQD RV In Their Own Hands NEED TO CONFIRM THIS… Today, February 29 leap year will go down as the most important day so far since we purchased the Iraqi dinar. I believe that we are extremely close to having our RV. But just as important, we now have confirmation from the four top US banks (Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Chase and CitiGroup) that they will in fact be participating in the dinar cash in. Tony from PTR has been working with the banks for sometime. The banks have been as frustrated as we dinar holders with the on-again, off-again RV. So the four major banks have decided to take matters into their own hands. For legal reasons, we believe they had to deny that they were going to be involved with the Iraqi dinar cash. But they know this has been causing a great deal of turmoil for the dinar holders and that has caused additional hostility towards the banking community. So they have set up an interim program, which I am told will work as follows: • The banks will provide a list of private wealth managers with their location and their telephone numbers. These will not be local branches of their bank. They will be set up in regional facilities.• You will be able to set up an appointment to go into one of these select locations.• The bank will spell out exactly what the terms of the agreement will be whether they will pay the CBI rate, over the CBI rate, under the CBI.• If you agree, you can deposit your dinar in the bank and on the banks deposit slip it will show a 1 to 1 ratio for example 100,000 dinar will equal $100,000 (1 million dinar would equal $1 million)• The balance in the account is not and I repeat not accessible until the RV.• The agreement, which again will be in writing will clarify when the RV happens your account will be credited with what you have negotiated. Example CBI + $.50. These funds will be available instantly upon the RV.• As part of the package they will provide you with an unlimited debit card, which will be activated instantly when the RV takes place.• One bank will be offering one dollar over the CBI’s rate, and another two dollars over the CBI rate for certain brokerage accounts.• The local branches will not know anything about these programs. Please do not call the banks. It will not help you and will cause complications with their branches, which they have been lying to for the last few years. Again I am not suggesting what you should do but I will tell you what I am going to do. Once the information is out this afternoon or tomorrow, I will take 100,000 dinar and set up a new wealth management account through this program. This will get me my debit card, so instantly upon the RV I will have cash. Then when the RV occurs I will spend a few hours looking at the different bank packages that will be available after the RV to determine where I will cash in the rest of my dinar. Whether these packages are something you want to do or not, the real issue is why would the four major banks in our country tie up all of their private wealth management staff to meet with you to open up an account that normally has to be opened with $250,000, provide you with the black credit card which again in some banks requires a deposit of a half-million dollars. I have no idea what this will cost the banks to do, but they are willing to spend the money because they know that the Iraqi dinar is close to an RV and so should you. Michael I just realized i put this post in the wrong place, sorry about that.
  7. I bought 350,000 dinar in 2004, since everything seems to be finally moving ahead i'd like to add to what i have. Since i'm only risking what i'm ok with losing i want to buy in small amounts (100K-200K) from anyone who's within an hour of Davenport Iowa, if your one of the hundreds of people selling millions and you don't mind selling small amounts email me, it's on my profile. I like doing business in person so i won't have a problem making the hour drive to you. I bought my dinar in 04' at $100 =100K dinar, the exchange rate was .00067 at the time, now it's .00085, that's 114,000 Dinar=$100.......I don't intend to pay more than $100=100K.
  8. I'm new to this and a little behind everyone else, for the Warka account how much is needed to open it? Do you open USD and Dinar accounts at the same time? At this point will i be allowed too? Sorry about these questions if someone has already answered them, there is a ton of info on this site and i haven't had a chance to look at it all. Thanks in advance
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