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  1. terr

    RV update

    This could go on forever. b/s
  2. I am starting to wonder . too. Maybe it's just not gonna happen for awhile longer, I know I need to pay the bills, maybe we should take a break from this whole ride. At times I feel like it is so close, and then the wind gets knocked out once again. Give up, then maybe it will actually happen.
  3. Nobody knows....WHEN.. its all a guessing game.
  4. Security, Defense and Interior, but also read somewhere, just two to be filled Security and Defense, who knows.
  5. well , funny you should say that, my right palm has been itching for weeks what i need to know right palm money going out or money coming in?
  6. Does it seem like things are speeding up now? Good Post.
  7. Yes. They had auction today, go to CBI website and you will see.
  8. Hope this pans out, but you do realize we here it is gonna happen every week...I surely pray this ride is done. :
  9. Not at war with Iraq, went to war for Iraq. Seems I have heard this before. No bashing, just observation.
  10. Guess Sonny needs to feel us in , hopefully real soon. Thanks for the post.
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