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  1. Easy to see why. Talk about a potpourri of emotions. Thank you for the link.
  2. Aside from dissecting the photo, this is what caught my attention. "And that the "new" currency that "will" be printed "after" the deletion of zeros" Now that is food for thought, anybody see the same thing. I think I like it. Just my thought, Iraq will delete the three zeros, both currency will be used together and the large notes will be filtered out of the system. Just as they have been saying all along. This being the scenario, they will RD and RV at the same time, then release the lower denominations, as has been continually stated. These are just my thoughts. Don't hang me!
  3. Maybe if I starting drinking I could make sense of this gibberish. Not bashing the poster at all. It is in the translation, or lack thereof. Good grief. I know there is some meat in this article, but finding it very hard to cut through the fat.
  4. Well, I think it is about time the screws started being tightened on this issue. This has been going on far to long, there are other issues to be resolved that can not take place until the completion or the HCL. Personally, I feel the Kurds are only trying to protect themselves as much as possible from the corruption in Baghdad. Please, be patient folks. This will come together.
  5. Maybe the first major step towards peace on the playgrounds. I take this as good news. Thanks for the post.
  6. Am I the only one who thinks that maybe this is not "Scooter", the speech pattern and terms used here are different. Look back at some past chats, or recall from memory. "Scooter" uses terms such as, "with that being said" for example. Minus if you wish, but I question this chat log.
  7. Might be way off base, but, I think I like this: "the Iraqi government to give serious thought to get out of the provisions of Chapter VII under the protection of the U.S. that will continue for a period of one year" Unless they are stating that they will continue as is for another year under US protection. Dang backwards translations! We'll see.
  8. Follow their link, it goes to article already posted here on DV:
  9. Wow. Thanks for the post. I love learning about different cultures and its' history. Much appreciated!
  10. President of Kurdistan Region approves budget for 2011 12:46:26 / 06/2011 Khandan - The SmCo Anwar, Director General of the Information Office of the Presidency of Kurdistan province in a statement to "Khandan" that the President of the Kurdistan region Massoud Barzani today signed a budget on 26/6/2011 to the province in 2011. The Kurdish Parliament has ratified in the 31 of May last provincial budget for 2011 with a majority vote and then referred the draft budget to the presidency of the province for approval.
  11. Expert: raise zeros from the currency will go down is an achievement of the Central Bank Sunday, June 26, 2011 Industrial expert said Abdul Hassan Shammari that the deletion of zeros from the Iraqi currency is an achievement of the Central Bank will be recorded in the case have been implemented. Where the Iraqi Central Bank announced its readiness to delete the zeros of the Iraqi currency. Al-Shammari said in a statement (the Agency news) on Sunday that the process of deleting Alocefarla affect the Industry and Trade of Iraq, but it is a good step from the central bank, which will add an achievement should the state have been implemented because it would ease a lot of effort to balance and commercial stores. He added that this issue was supposed to be implemented some time ago, indicating that we are not the only country that has raised the zeros, Turkey deleted six zeroes from the currency and has become one of the lira.
  12. Iraqi businessmen call for the government to open up more on the countries of Persian Gulf and take advantage of their expertise On: Saturday 06/25/2011 22:58 Baghdad: Ahmed Naseer Called on the Iraqi businessman Ali Dahwi government and even businesses to greater openness on the countries of Persian Gulf, especially as it has the expertise that can be used in sectors Alaqguetsadah, and increase the facilities and privileges provided to them in order to attract investments to the inside of Iraq, confirming the existence of the efforts of many configurations, especially industrial federations and trade and chambers of commerce and businessmen to form a pressure on the government and urged them to speed up the privatization of public sector and issue laws are in favor of providing the Iraqi economy. He Dahwi I am an investor Iraqis like economic openness and like to face to live up the country to face the facts that is going through and begin to change the style that went out for a period of five or six decades and, unfortunately, and we are now in the case of cumulative and do not know where we stand, and must get rid of the effects of stagnant that was laws or the actions or political dimension of the Iraqi dimension of Iraq is part of the Arab world and is also part of the territory of the entire Turkish and Iranian and we must not forget we are part of the system GCC I can not forget I am my role in this system, it is not possible what we see today from politicians who call statements emotional cause us problems we do not need, we encourage today to attract investments and promote the progress we do not live within the comments, and we welcome everyone in our country and we welcome their ideas, these methods open the gates do not close it we are in dire need of an economy is growing and we need the expertise, training, and foreign capital. He added that we Kaguetsadion must re-power our economic pre-1958 and restore the infrastructure of the agricultural sector and the economic, commercial and all other sectors, and adopt modern laws rather than the old, and eliminate corruption completely, and, unfortunately, there is corruption, accompanied by behaviors detective to the government that robs from the employee the right thinking and decision and progress, and we also raise the standard of living and human development. As if Iraq is now repellent or attractive to investment Dahwi said: "The answer to this question bears both replies to yes and no, it is attractive to investment because of the availability of all the data and the right environment for investment and the return of Iraqi investors and bring foreign investors now, not tomorrow. At the same time is a repellent for investment because of the existence of policies in different sectors is still repulsive for investment and keep the laws obsolete does not work, the Parliament changed rapidly as first priority, as he chased because of foot-dragging by institutions with investors and saw investor colonized as coming from abroad, and here we are dealing with the opposite of what should have been that we are dealing with, and there is corruption, yes, fought against by the Integrity Commission and the Parliament, etc. But unfortunately, fear possesses all the decisions, Phi official wants to make a decision and said to him that the Integrity Commission found, would fall, and here we do not encourage corruption, but we encourage scientific decisions to increase the income year reduce corruption, second must be the electronic government and it has proved a global mechanism reduces corruption, but we get a bad rate of zero is impossible, and there is no Hzka rate in all countries of the world. Must also deal with investment through the creation of the environment first start of the Iraqi banks that should be encouraged to expand and activate their vehicles and get rid of their systems Chirfah old, and the banking system and to achieve their goals, banking, and not punish and get rid of the banking system, government extinct, yet fear lending fearing non-payment, their mentality comprehensive so far, and this expels the institutional investors who take loans from outside of Iraq and out of their money out of Iraq, why not encourage them to borrow from inside Iraq and here occupy our banks an interest rate increase. And on the money that came out of Iraq after 2003, between "you must make sure the figures, there are the mass taken out huge amounts of money as she returned to the people in power, and when you return the money they'll find a very large but when you raise the rate we see the money less, here's the money beyond either is money scared, or stolen, etc., but since 2003, and we focus much money went out and Hjnm return we see in the growing but still without ambition and aspirations, the holders of money the Iraqis have the assets, a very large outside of Iraq and right that they are looking for safety institutional, and here must Nafr them what they need in order to encourage them to return their money and put their money and protect systems and institutions to protect them, and this is what must be thinking of all trade and chambers of Parliament and the Government of each other. Tarin either compete in the economic sector and the entry of political and economic sector crowding out the owners of capital? "I see them differently if political income in business be welcome by the scene that allows this but the problem begins when the political influential on the investment sector is in the position of deciding not know how to run things, its here the problem, because the quota system has brought us people do not know how to management of their affairs, and here also is not a problem if used the Bmscharien and owners of competence, so why not take advantage of these minds, and the experience of the Gulf countries and particularly Saudi Arabia, I liked being during the years of evolution did not resound to everyone if it did not have in-house expertise employ the expertise of foreign and here girl global economy, not regional, and we learn from them, they have gone before us in all areas, and we link ourselves with them, and now look at their products in the Iraqi market, why do not we just produce. Now we started a move to strengthen economic ties with Turkey and reached the final partner early in the volume of trade exchange and we need to strengthen the weight of all the neighboring countries, which should increase the weight of dealing with them and their expertise is best suited to us if we appealed to experience European or American, and the fact that Iraq and before 1958 we pioneers in building a major economic reconstruction and the Council carries out many of the tasks stirring until today, highways and rail lines and outstanding infrastructure in all areas, why should not we experience we have started and we use them we are Balagherb Cooperation Council (GCC). Is not important to enter the Council, everything in his time, but we cooperate with them fully on condition of the negligence of others, including the countries of East Asia, Armenia, Turkey, and Khuzestan, Azerbaijan, and we invest all the geographical location of Iraq, but the weight is toward the Gulf, in order to make their economy depends on the Iraqi street, and the Iraqi market and the exchange of business to raise investment in Iraq, and I'm sure that all the neighboring countries interested in this investment with Iraq. There is a large trade with Saudi Arabia, so why not be the economic integration is making the last contribution in the promotion of cooperation and influence the policy to open the border crossings and the tension between the two governments? We know that economic pressure, even though I was not political, but we are able to convince the parties Ptsrfaty and if they are acceptable Satqublha the other party initiates a lead, and if not accepted by a real understanding with him, I Kaarac needy for understanding and focus of Iraq and its construction, we are a part of this region and it has a lot of political conflicts and security and others but Kaarac to focus on my country and my people and improve their living of the individual level worthy of respect and a sense of Iraq's importance historically and economically, we could be the first three countries in the world in terms of oil production, but his behavior is not universally accepted, and here we call on the government and parliament to activate the investment process and economic development. My call is to open the doors with all of these countries and we deal unlike Saddam's policy, which treated the tank that closed doors, particularly Iraqis and make us lose the lives of our youth and our money and our friends and we lost even the tank, is not it the best reputation, Libby, the development of the major economic exchange and out of the post exchange and to engage in investment, We must make decisions to facilitate the launch of investment based on the consultants and to give privacy to investors the closest any Arab Gulf and this is what working on Egypt and many other countries, we have so far not knocking on the doors of the United States and investments of the United States moving toward Egypt and the Gulf and in Iraq is the U.S. investor-colonial, and this thinking is wrong because it comes to open the doors of the economy and growth. How do you look for the Iraqi public investment system and why the trend towards sectors without the other? Said we need feminine government by converting all public companies to private, and investment trends towards the sector without the other because of Alqguaninoaklah still comprehensive and pretend that we got rid of them but still we live every day, and sit down every morning we look to the government, and most private sector employees are leaving work there despite the high salaries and preferably work with the government, even with the salaries of a few because of retirement, and that the government is replete with the number of staff and Nati we also increase the Tkhmtha, here on the government to begin to refer employees to retire until the years of service less than 20 years, To speak the language of numbers, we find a Nye Telecom particularly the number of employees between 1200 to 1500 the number of employees and customers between 7 10 million, with the Iraqi Telecom has 1.2 million line of what works including 600 thousand lines with twenty times where you find any private telecommunications company, what is this contradiction. And I if I bought a telecommunications company and introduced the Internet for every home I can not complete it, as an investor because of the number of staff great and here Tztr government to continue to pay salaries, and no one to accept retirement as is used in political disputes, it can be referred Aalthad with full pay and sold the company to investors and the requirement of the introduction of kindly and raising the network to every part of Iraq and the allocation of part of the income of 15% for the development of other sectors such as education, health, services, and finance part of the pension fund. I'm here to Ask Maa privatized companies of all countries? Is it can not think and the world gets rid of the gates of international control reversed are looking for more decentralized and Popat international control prices without the use of a system of competition, may not use the power of the government's prices at the expense of quality and accuracy of all this political conflict, not economic assumed the Ministry of Communications self-financing and will get the money Here they entered into more trouble and who speaks like me accused of being agents and the destruction of the country and I will continue this speech and ways Sadil doors because our people deserve more than what is far, it is one of the best people on earth in terms of brains, ambition and creativity. Can the Arab and foreign investor to invest in the privatization of the public sector rather than start from scratch? Yes, this is my desire To come the investor, whether local or immigrant or foreign by the investment easier, and present, and for this we found directed towards cement companies, which is true and not false, and there are businessmen in most countries of the world specialize in different sectors, construction and industry, communications, etc., and outside There are examples of the region and outside there are also examples, industry invest When we left the old thinking, and neglected the most important investment in this country is agriculture, so why Qatar is investing in agriculture in the countries of Russia, while easier for them in Iraq, but not indicted by the market calls for Iraq now without movement any securities market and we can make it the most active markets. In the telecom sector we are States very late and yet sit in the conference talking about the development of communication and the reality is different, but our people's proven ability and energy to use what is has to develop itself, and the people proved to be much better in terms of thinking of the politicians we have the people of the creator and the Government of the opposite. Now invest in the sector Alanchaiat and leave the sector, auto makers, because we need to set up an initial investment in agriculture, the most important electricity and most important, why not invest in electricity and invest the open sky, such as Emirates, Is it possible that the airline and nine years ago can not solve its problems and I am sure that Kuwait wants to resolve the The problem is you do not need the money but you need for the initiative, while Iraq every day a thing once declared bankruptcy the company once tied up in Port Mubarak and the exchange of charges does not subside at all, while the port of the holy can be agreed upon and put money dedicated to the port of Faw in the investment of Port Mubarak. Why not invest in materials known for, such as dates, while the United States of America have preceded us, why not enter the WTO, we run all our sectors and move all the joints, whether agricultural or industrial and other. To what Iraq needs now is to get out of its crisis? Need for one thing only, which is to persuade the existing policy set up two wings of the rule of first wing devoted to them is no harm if you have also introduced 100 and the Ministry and distributed among them, and wing, the second is called the Council of the reconstruction of Iraq appoints the experts and the minds and university professors, and left to run wide powers and I am sure that all the problems of Iraq and will continue with the conflict between the blocks away from them. Fight against corruption is not intimidation, because it mingled with the decision-making freedom, we must make way for innovation, a space of freedom, everyone is now afraid of the government to move for fear hold him accountable this is a totalitarian regime must get rid of it. Why now rely on the import of what we consume and move away from the manufacture of what we consume, and trade costing Iraq half a year from oil revenues? Because he does not have the mentality of an investment, rather than import, we invite the investor to transfer the manufacture of Iraq will be better for him, but he worried about the lack of Iraqi laws to protect it and protect his money, not make it easy on it. Secondly there is no system for measuring the qualitative and fear investor manipulation of its product locally, and we provide favorable and the characteristics of their land and leave, so we stayed importers and the percentage of unemployment and political fire remained rhetoric. He concluded that there is a modern Dahwi efforts to hold a major conference for businessmen, investors, industrialists and traders to form a body or a lobby or any other appellation in an attempt to form a hand able to pressure the government and persuade a lot of ideas needed by the Iraqi economy.
  13. Maliki directed the Committee to Protect Iraq's funds to disclose the fate of the missing billions 26/06/2011 BAGHDAD - morning Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki for the Committee to Protect Iraq's assets abroad, follow-up file of billions lost during the time of the civil administrator Paul Bremer and the detection fate of these funds and as soon as possible. A statement issued by the Office of the Prime Minister received the "morning," a copy of it: "Given the pool Many of the indicators that show the existence of suspicions about the fate of Iraqi funds are estimated at (17.5) billion dollars were confiscated, seized or withdrawn from the Development Fund for Iraq since the fall of the former regime. " The statement continued: "The prime minister of the Committee to Protect Iraq's assets abroad, and the problem is headed by Deputy Prime Minister Ruz Nuri Shawis and the membership of Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari, Minister of Finance Dr. Rafie al-Issawi and Justice Minister Hassan al-Shammari and the Governor of the Central Bank and the Legal Adviser to the Prime Minister, to follow up this file and detection the fate of these funds and as soon as possible. " And authorized the Chairman of the Committee of Ministers of all investigative powers necessary to investigate any public official is relevant or has information about him, without exception. He also called on Iraqi authorities and the U.S. government to cooperate with and support the Commission with all the required work and help in achieving its mission to the fullest. It is said that the "morning" was the first raised the issue, through the publication of information that the disappearance of billions during the reign of Bremer. The speaker of the House of Representatives Osama Najafi, Vice President Joseph Biden, yesterday, an official investigation, and responsibly on the amounts of up to more than (17.5) billion dollars were spent from the Development Fund for Iraq. Nujaifi said: "This amounts disbursed without showing any documents or receipts to justify or prove the type of the point of exchange." He also stressed that efforts are being made ​​is with instruments financial regulator in both Iraq and the United States to gather information and uncover the circumstances.
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