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  1. Where I work there was a guy that turned us on to the dinar.We all went in and bought about 5 million and split them up.He no longer works here and all I have are the dinar,no receipt of purchase to say when I bought them? If they ever become worth anything don't I need that receipt?
  2. What if I don't have a receipt from where I purchased? Thanks...
  3. Did you know the DOW was going to fall 1000 points since july too? I need some good info???
  4. Right on bro..And the same goes for dinarck.Dude no one just shhhhhhhhh.Put the books down,get a beer and maybe a J and watch a couple reruns of sanford and son.
  5. Tring to wrap my simple mind around this article..How would this affect a RV?
  6. Year 2011 Overview Out with the old matrix and in with something totally different -- with trailblazing Rams leading the way as usual. It's all about the new in 2011. Others will take their cues from you especially when Uranus follows Jupiter into Aries in March. You won't have a second to forget that you're the consummate pioneer of the zodiac. With Jupiter and Uranus tag teaming it in your constellation, much new ground needs breaking in 2011. You'll barely have a second to rest and process all the brand spanking newness that has become part and parcel of your everyday life. Long-distance t
  7. The Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries forecast world oil demand will grow at a slower pace for a second year in 2012 as consumption declines in Europe and slows in other industrialized nations. Global demand will average 89.5 million barrels a day in 2012, the group’s Vienna-based secretariat said today in its monthly report, giving its first forecast for next year. That’s up 1.3 million barrels, or 1.5 percent, on this year’s estimate. Crude oil consumption has been rising since the last quarter of 2009, driven by demand in emerging markets including China, according to OPEC.
  8. While your searching for proof the U.S holds dinar,why don't you go ahead and find where they have who killed JFK posted.Come on guys....please you find what they want us to.
  9. From time to time ask the CBI idea of raising three zeros from the Iraqi currency, and announced that he is nearing completion on finalizing the drafting of the law to regulate the process of lifting to be sent to the Council of the Prime Minister and then to the House of Representatives to decide whether there is a need to raise three zeroes from the Iraqi currency or not, as was confirmed a senior official at the Monetary Authority that the Council of Representatives is the author of the recent decision in this regard. يقول مستشار البنك المركزي العراقي: إن المشروع سوف ينظم آلية رفع الاصفار
  10. I read it to heres the link
  11. . . المركزي العراقي يطالب بفتح سوق للأوراق المالية في محافظات الفرات الأوسط CBI calls for open market for securities in the provinces of the Middle Euphrates طالب مستشار البنك المركزي العراقي، وزارة المالية بفتح سوق للأوراق المالية في محافظات الفرات الأوسط بسبب وجود البيئة الاقتصادية والاستثمارية المناسبة لإقامة سوق التداول المالي . Student adviser to the CBI, the Ministry of Finance to open a securities market in the provinces of the Middle Euphrates because there are economic and investment environment for the establishment of financial market trading. وقال مظهر محمد صالح إن البنك الم
  12. Dude I know I'm going to get bashed with you but that was FN FUNNY. +1 from me
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