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  1. CSTEP


    Where I work there was a guy that turned us on to the dinar.We all went in and bought about 5 million and split them up.He no longer works here and all I have are the dinar,no receipt of purchase to say when I bought them? If they ever become worth anything don't I need that receipt?
  2. What if I don't have a receipt from where I purchased? Thanks...
  3. Did you know the DOW was going to fall 1000 points since july too? I need some good info???
  4. Right on bro..And the same goes for dinarck.Dude no one just shhhhhhhhh.Put the books down,get a beer and maybe a J and watch a couple reruns of sanford and son.
  5. Tring to wrap my simple mind around this article..How would this affect a RV?
  6. Year 2011 Overview Out with the old matrix and in with something totally different -- with trailblazing Rams leading the way as usual. It's all about the new in 2011. Others will take their cues from you especially when Uranus follows Jupiter into Aries in March. You won't have a second to forget that you're the consummate pioneer of the zodiac. With Jupiter and Uranus tag teaming it in your constellation, much new ground needs breaking in 2011. You'll barely have a second to rest and process all the brand spanking newness that has become part and parcel of your everyday life. Long-distance travel, philosophy, higher learning and experimentation are all par for a very exciting course as this mighty year unfolds. Expect a birthday season to remember with lucky Jupiter and life-changing Uranus working wonders in your fiery stars. Your innate go-getter instincts are off the charts. As the spring season gets underway, life hits maximum speed (sleep, what's that?) May Day alert: Circle May 1 on your calendar with a big red sharpie, Rams! An explosive amount of Aries planetary energy abounds as six -- count 'em, six -- planets traverse your incendiary corner of the zodiac simultaneously. This includes Moon, Mars, Venus, Jupiter and Uranus all rallying for your cause. Age of Aquarius themes pop up as Jupiter in fact does align with Mars on this very powerful day. Every second counts and actions speak infinitely larger than words. Summertime brings Jupiter's jackpot in your money sector. Expect a nice fattening of the piggy between June and December with incredible opportunities to make the big bank. Love, pleasure and romance hit a high note in late September. Venus brings the beauty and love to your partnership sector while Mars simultaneously brings the sparks to your romance sector. Long-distance travel and adventures galore take precedence in November. While in December professional responsibilities will demand the majority of time and energy. But if you're willing to go the extra mile, your status could easily skyrocket. More from
  7. The Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries forecast world oil demand will grow at a slower pace for a second year in 2012 as consumption declines in Europe and slows in other industrialized nations. Global demand will average 89.5 million barrels a day in 2012, the group’s Vienna-based secretariat said today in its monthly report, giving its first forecast for next year. That’s up 1.3 million barrels, or 1.5 percent, on this year’s estimate. Crude oil consumption has been rising since the last quarter of 2009, driven by demand in emerging markets including China, according to OPEC. Chinese demand will rise by 500,000 barrels a day next year compared with a gain of 150,000 barrels a day in North America. European use will decline, it said. “An unsteady world economy is negatively affecting the oil market and imposing a high range of uncertainty for the short term,” the organization said in the report. OPEC members including Saudi Arabia, Iran and Venezuela will need to pump more crude to meet rising consumption. Demand for OPEC oil will climb to 30.3 million barrels a day in 2012, an increase of 300,000 barrels on this year, the report showed. The producer group, which accounts for about 40 percent of global supply, expects crude use of 88.1 million barrels a day this year, up by 1.4 million barrels on last year. OPEC’s output rose to 29.6 million barrels a day last month, the report said. The 11 members bound by quotas produced 26.9 million barrels, the most since 2008. In December of that year, the group announced record supply cuts amid a collapse in global demand. It capped supplies for all members except Iraq at 24.845 million barrels a day at that meeting. ‘Worst Meeting’ The organization last met in Vienna in June, when its members failed to agree on crude output limits for the first time in at least 20 years. “It was one of the worst meetings we’ve ever had,” Saudi Oil Minister Ali al-Naimi said. Saudi Arabia together with Kuwait, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates proposed increasing production quotas at the meeting. They were blocked by members including Iran and Venezuela, which warned of a “collapse” in prices. Non-OPEC supply will rise by about 680,000 barrels a day to average 53.57 million barrels next year, OPEC said. Shipments from countries including Russia, Norway and the U.K. are estimated at 52.89 million barrels a day this year. Production growth in North America, Latin America and the former Soviet Union will offset declines in Europe, OPEC said. OPEC’s members are Algeria, Angola, Ecuador, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Libya, Nigeria, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Venezuela. To contact the reporter on this story: Rachel Graham in London To contact the editor responsible for this story: Stephen Voss at
  8. While your searching for proof the U.S holds dinar,why don't you go ahead and find where they have who killed JFK posted.Come on guys....please you find what they want us to.
  9. From time to time ask the CBI idea of raising three zeros from the Iraqi currency, and announced that he is nearing completion on finalizing the drafting of the law to regulate the process of lifting to be sent to the Council of the Prime Minister and then to the House of Representatives to decide whether there is a need to raise three zeroes from the Iraqi currency or not, as was confirmed a senior official at the Monetary Authority that the Council of Representatives is the author of the recent decision in this regard. يقول مستشار البنك المركزي العراقي: إن المشروع سوف ينظم آلية رفع الاصفار الثلاثة للنهوض بقيمة العملة المحلية في التداول الاقتصادي الخارجي والداخلي ، واعتبر المشروع مشروعاً استراتيجياً يهدف إلى تقليل التضخم الذي تعانيه السوق العراقية ، وقد أعلنت وزارة المالية في شباط الماضي أن حذف الاصفار من العملة المحلية سيحرر الاقتصاد العراقي من القيود ويعزز قيمة الدينار العراقي في صندوق البنك الدولي. Adviser says the Iraqi Central Bank: The project will organize a mechanism for lifting the three zeroes for the advancement of the value of local currency in circulation economic, external and internal, and the project was considered a strategic project aimed at reducing inflation suffered by the Iraqi market, The Ministry of Finance announced last February that the deletion of zeros from the local currency will liberate the Iraqi economy from the constraints and enhance the value of the Iraqi dinar in the World Bank Fund. إننا نعتقد أن مشروع رفع الاصفار الثلاثة من العملة العراقية غير مجد ولا يرفع من قيمة الدينار العراقي وسوف يضيف عند تطبيقه مشكلة أخرى متعددة الأبعاد للمشاكل الكثيرة التي يعانيها الاقتصاد العراقي المتدهور ، ومن هذه المشاكل هي إرباك وتشويش السوق في البيع والشراء والديون بين المواطنين ، كذلك إرباك الحالة النفسية التي سوف تنتاب المواطن العراقي من جراء ظهور ظاهرة جديدة تتطلب الإجهاد الفكري والنفسي للتعود عليها وتقبلها. We believe that the project raise three zeroes from the Iraqi currency is the glory and not raise the value of the Iraqi dinar and will add when applied to the problem of several other dimensions to the many problems that afflict the Iraqi economy deteriorating, and this problem is the confusion and disorganization of the market in buying and selling and debt among the citizens, as well as confusion mental state that will plague the Iraqi people as a result of the emergence of a new phenomenon requires the intellectual and psychological stress of the back and accepted. ومن جهة أخرى يتطلب المشروع وقبل تطبيقه سك فئات صغيرة للعملة تمثل أجزاء الدينار الذي ستصبح قيمته فلساً واحداً ، علماً أن سك هذه العملات الصغيرة ستكلف الدولة مبالغ كبيرة ، ثم إن المشروع لا يعزز قيمة الدينار العراقي (( كما تقول وزارة المالية)) حيث ستبقى قيمته كما هي (( إذا طرحت كميات متساوية من أخرى متساوية تكون النتائج متساوية )). On the other hand requires the project and before applying Stamping small denominations of the currency represents parts of the dinar, which will be worth a penny, note that the SEC this small change would cost the state large sums of money, then the project does not enhance the value of the Iraqi dinar ((says the Ministry of Finance)) where it will remain worth as it is ((if offered equal amounts of other equal results are equal)). وفي تصريح مغاير للبنك المركزي العراقي مفاده أن عملية رفع الاصفار الثلاثة من العملة المحلية هي عملية معقدة وهي بحاجة إلى دراسة اقتصادية مستفيضة، أيضاً أوضح مستشار البنك المركزي العراقي علينا أن نتعامل مع هذه القضية بحذر وتأنّ لأنها قد تسبب مشاكل اقتصادية في حال التسرع أو القيام بأي شيء آخر يربك الوضع الاقتصادي العراقي. In a statement differently from the Iraqi Central Bank that the process of removing three zeroes from the local currency is a complex process and need to study the economic extensive, also pointed adviser to the CBI we have to deal with this issue cautiously and carefully as it may cause economic problems in the event of rush or do any Another thing confusing economic situation in Iraq. ونحن بدورنا نقول احترازاً ولدفع حدوث تلك المشاكل نرى من الأفضل والأجدى طرح المشروع على الرأي العام العراقي مع دعوة ذوي الاختصاص في علم الاقتصاد لبيان رأيهم والاستئناس به قبل إرساله إلى مجلس رئاسة الوزراء والبرلمان. And we say to guard and to pay the occurrence of such problems, see better and more useful to put the project on Iraqi public opinion with an invitation for specialists in economics to indicate their opinion and familiarity with it before sending it to the prime minister and parliament. وعوداً على بدء نرى عدم جدوى المشروع -كما نعتقد- كونه لا يؤدي إلى رفع قيمة الدينار العراقي ، فإننا نطمح لأن يتبنى البنك المركزي العراقي وخبراء الاقتصاد مشروعاً يهدف إلى رفع قيمة الدينار العراقي الى سابق قيمته ليعود مساوياً لـ(3.33) دولار أمريكي وذلك من خلال حزمة من الإجراءات والقرارات الجريئة ، أولها أعادة النظر في العملية الاستيرادية الخاطئة وتقليصها الى حد الضروريات، حيث أن الاستيراد المفتوح على مصراعيه يستنزف فائض العملة الصعبة والمودعة لدى البنك المركزي العراقي دعماً للعملة العراقية وعدم طرحها للبيع عن طريق المزاد العلني للراغبين من قبل التجار العراقيين لتغطية استيراداتهم للبضائع ، كذلك إعادة النظر بهدف تقليص الإنفاق العام للدولة ودوائرها في ما يخص استيراد الأثاث باهظة الثمن ، حيث يمكن الحصول عليها من السوق المحلية ، مما يشجع ويدعم قطاع الصناعة المحلية وتوفير فرص عمل للعاطلين ، أيضاً دعم وتنمية قطاع الزراعة من خلال مساعدة الفلاحين بالبذور والمكائن الزراعية بهدف زيادة الإنتاج للمحاصيل الزراعية . And promises to start see the futility of the project - as we believe - it does not lead to raise the value of the Iraqi dinar, we aspire to adopt the CBI and economists project that aims to raise the value of the Iraqi dinar to its previous value to return is equal to (3.33) U.S. $ through a package of measures and bold decisions, the first review of the operation import wrong and reduced to the extent necessities, as the import open wide to drain the excess foreign currency and deposited with the Central Bank of Iraq in support of the Iraqi currency, and not put up for sale through auction for those wishing to by the Iraqi traders to cover Astiradathm of goods, as well as the review in order to reduce public expenditure to the State and its departments in regards to import furniture is expensive, they can be obtained from the local market, which encourages and supports the sector of local industry and create jobs for the unemployed, also support the development of the agriculture sector by helping farmers with seeds and agricultural machinery in order to increase production of agricultural crops. وهناك أيضاً أمور أخرى لدعم العملة العراقية منها: تقليص عمليات الإيفادات للموظفين وجعلها فقط لغرض التدريب والتطوير. There are also other things to support the Iraqi currency, including: reducing operations Aliivadat staff and make it only for the purpose of training and development.
  10. I read it to heres the link
  12. . . المركزي العراقي يطالب بفتح سوق للأوراق المالية في محافظات الفرات الأوسط CBI calls for open market for securities in the provinces of the Middle Euphrates طالب مستشار البنك المركزي العراقي، وزارة المالية بفتح سوق للأوراق المالية في محافظات الفرات الأوسط بسبب وجود البيئة الاقتصادية والاستثمارية المناسبة لإقامة سوق التداول المالي . Student adviser to the CBI, the Ministry of Finance to open a securities market in the provinces of the Middle Euphrates because there are economic and investment environment for the establishment of financial market trading. وقال مظهر محمد صالح إن البنك المركزي العراقي يرى أن هناك ضرورة اقتصادية ملحة للافتتاح سوق للتداول الالكتروني للمال في محافظات الفرات الاوسط . وأضاف صالح أن افتتاح مثل هذا السوق له فوائد اقتصادية بسبب أتساع دائرة المشاريع الاستثمارية في تلك المحافظات وظهور حراك اقتصادي وتجاري واضح خلال العامين الأخيرين . He said the appearance of Mohammed Saleh said that the CBI believes that there is an economic necessity urgent for the opening of the market for electronic trading of money in the provinces of the Middle Euphrates. Saleh added that the opening of such a market has economic benefits because of the wide circle of investment projects in those provinces and the emergence of economic mobility, trade and clear over the last two years . وتابع أن افتتاح أربعة أسواق الالكترونية في البصرة وبغداد واربيل وواحدة في الفرات الاوسط تكفي للنهوض بواقع التعاملات المالية خلال المرحلة المقبلة، مبينا انه لايمكن افتتاح أسواق مالية في جميع المحافظات لوجود عوائق اقتصادية تحيل دون إقامة ذلك . He said the opening of the four electronic markets in Basra, Baghdad and Erbil and one in the Middle Euphrates enough for the advancement of financial transactions by during the next phase, indicating that it can not be the opening of financial markets in all provinces to the existence of economic obstacles to transmit without creating it. باهر/
  13. Dude I know I'm going to get bashed with you but that was FN FUNNY. +1 from me
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