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  1. Selling 150 000 Dinar for $120. OBO. Get back to me QUICK!
  2. Really need money. Am in Ontario, Canada... and would LOVE if someone could do a deal with me here. Email me thu profile email.
  3. Selling 500 000 Dinar Uncirculated FRESH BILLS. Can do for $450 - (obo) Email is in profile! ALL 25 000 Dinar notes!
  4. Contact me thru email @ ************ Please use your profile for posting email addresses.
  5. Selling 700 000 Dinar Uncirculated . Need to sell QUICK. Will Sell for $680 US. Contact me. FAST
  6. I got 9 25,000 dinar notes I am selling. $225 000 uncirculated. I will sell for $215 US. Thanks!
  7. Hey guys need money, I am selling 225 000 Dinar For $240. PM Me. Or Reach me by email at *************** Mod edit***** tjfoz - I removed your email for your protection. You can list your email on your profile page for members to contact you. Members please contact tjfoz through his profile page.
  8. actually still intelligent it's just that they think that its smoke and mirrors
  9. sorry pricestar8 I guess people dont like the truth. -1 ? 40 day recess? these clowns in the government I tell you. I plus'd 1'd you to even it out. good day
  10. No matter what anyone thinks a LOP is still a possibility. I think its a 51/49. Been in this for 6 years, And i slightly lean towards a RV . I think these guys are smart enough to pull the right move for them and their country. Time is ticking . Come here RV.
  11. I have been seeing alot of lined up numbers lately. 11:11, 1:11, 2:22, etc. right after the new year. I feel that is the Universe giving me quite a sign. I really feel this close boys and girls, my intuition is blinding (I feel). Love this article. (Btw, I posted this using a keyboard physically attached to a desktop computer with an app that allows my Galaxy S2 to connect. My phone is in front of me on my computer desk. [The future as I see it ]. Anyway I feel I am around the corner from some riches
  12. I honestly think it will be a good chance they will join the WTO and revalue around that time just because of the troops pulling out.COMPLETE SOVEREIGNTY, NOT CONSIDERED A "MILITARY LOCK DOWN" anymore, HMMM MAYBE THEY WILL START USING THEIR OWN MONEY! me and my grandpa said 6 years ago, "when the troops pull out in 2011, we will get paid" . I think first intuition is usually correct. (HOPE!) LETS GO iRAQ
  13. not a bad reason to RV soon? things aligning? we will see !
  14. POSTED BY TRC FROM ANOTHER SITE "Outside Iraq, we cash in at new rate, no matter what bank notes you have they will be honored at new rate. Since most of the IQD outside Iraq, held by the public is in USA,US banks will buy the IQD with US Feds, same accordingly in all countries in the world . Inside Iraq nothing will change immediately, it will be a gradual change ,hence no change in purchasing power, which they have allowed two to three years to accomplish the re denomination process, depending on how high the exchange rate, the lower the new denominations that will be issued to circulation.
  15. The "non-lopsters" are obviously too brainwashed to the point where they are 100% sure we are all millionaires.pfft get real.
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