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  2. The might have had an auction today and just forgot to post it. Happens all the time. I have been looking at it everyday for almost a year now.
  3. two months I was away and and the crap is knee deep. No one knows when this thing is going to happen. Things to look at...HDL, Chapter 7 sanctions lifted, and stability in order to maintain saftey from IRAN and others in the middle east. In other words the must be able to protect their new found wealth. And remember is it isnt updated with a new rate on forex and CBI we wont be cashing in. Just saying......
  4. MY my! I take a break from DV and I still see the crap is knee deep......
  5. I will give a snort, snort piggy! Let's get er done!
  6. Oh that made me laugh!! Poor Darlene.....hahahahaha
  7. I don't mean to laugh but hahahhahha! Good for you for asking. I got banned from Steve's site a long time ago for questioning a statement he made.
  8. Sorry but it isn't. I wish it were so. All currencies are backed against the dollar and our dollar fluctuates every day. This is normal. Go back and look at a monthly chart of the Kwd and you will see.
  9. I"m awake and right there with is so sad and unless US sleeping american's wake up we are in for a rough ride.
  10. Hey Easy darlin! The operational rates on the home page shows you when they update. Tomorrow they will post if any, however they wont go in effect until the 15th. I highly, highly doubt if they would post Iraq even if they were planning a change. They change pretty much change it at any time. CBI,, netdania,, and the IMF in addition to operational rate of exchange are all we need to pay attention to. I have been watching them every day since last October. I have learned alot but I would love to be educated more.
  11. No offense but just the fact that you have brought all this OLD news back up leaves it totally up to be bashed. Some things are left alone.....
  12. I know right?? :lol: I saw it again on this site this weekend...Anything for a sale.
  13. oh my Lord>>>> let's have a pig roast
  14. I hope they banned pig roasts too
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