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  1. Now thats funny right there, I don't care who you are Funny one dinarbot!
  2. I quit the day my 2nd daughter was born. That is 17 years now. The first 3 weeks are a b i t c h, but after that it gets easier. I do know if I were to smoke a cigerette today, I would be smoking a pack by the end of the week. It is like any addiction. Kick fight scratch, do what ever you can to make it thru the 3 weeks, it will be well worth it, I assure you!
  3. Yes true, however, this is a three phase plan, and maybe they are talking about getting the old dinar back within a year. The process has started and will be accomplished by the end of the year is the way I take it. At least we are again another step closer.
  4. Its a tough choice who to back. On one hand you have Maliki, who after being on this forum for a few years now, IMO Maliki is a Tyrant for sure, but we need someone strong right now because you have Allawi, who I believe is a front man from Iran. Allawi and Sadar IMO have been assigned by Iran to disrupt this Goverment as much as they can. I used to believe that Allawi was the better of the two, my opinion on that has changed. You see it every time the Goverment gets close to coming together, it seems (maybe I'm wrong) that either Allawi, or Sadar gets in the way. Iran would like nothing
  5. Boiler, the way it is said, I would tend to agree with you. So is it the translation, or is it 5% increase of 3.5% (roughly) from last year? By the way Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and a Happy Healthy and PROSPEROUS New Year to Everyone and their Families @ Dinar Vets!
  6. Never put all your eggs in one basket. We should take all insformation and formulate a opinion. Putting your faith in one person in this investment is not a good practice. Even rumors have some small truths. I for one will never rely on just one resource. Adam, is a great resource, however he will even admit that he dosen't have all the answers.
  7. Not really f-16 are like so yesterday as far as aircraft. With the f-22 f-18, etc, believe me if we need to, we could take them out of the skies quickly.
  8. Well biennium means every two years or evey 2 growing seasons, so what time frame are we talking hear?
  9. Does anyone realize we may have the rate here. 100 bil us/116 billion id, 13.5bil us/15.5 bil id, 85./? both other are almost 1 for 1 however the last one barrel of oil is $85 us./$99,000 id that is current rate. So did he leak out info?
  10. Don't forget a river run wild! Kevin Bacon! I know this movie very well. My wifes water broke with my second child the night we were at the movies watching it.
  11. "FREEDOM FOR ALL" NOT JUST A SELECT FEW!". What blue collar said is his perogitive, as well is your comment. To select which is right and which should not be aload, we go down a slippery slope. This is why we have a post. To leave your opinion. We all have thoughts and Ideas, aside from our basic laws of life I like this country where we get to have them, and express them. Society as a whole will straighten it out. It always does. When we try to interject our moral or spiritual opinions, seems we start to lose some of those rights. We all are seeking the goal of some kind of wealth out
  12. Good for you lost one. I couldn't agree more, Agree or disagree, don't get into a pissing match. All info should be left up to the individual to disipher for themselves. Who are we to judge others OPINIONS, because no one other then a select few have the real answers. This is a speculation investment, and it deserves everyones imput weather it be wrong or right. The more we call out someone one this site, the more we loose good thinkers around here. If you disagreee fine, but we have to let people make a choice for themselves, not your opinion, mine or any one elses out there.
  13. I say its about time. The Chinese need to play fair. We have let them get away with a low currency, and a low import /export tax way too long. It is good that this is coming out. China is able to buy everthing out there because of the imbalances in trade. We cannot compete with china for these oil contracts as well cause we have risk as business owners, however because the goverment runs everything they can low ball bids easier.
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