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  1. another +1 for ya Tony...I have been away for over 4 months, and nothing seems to have changed...Is it Groundhogs day??
  2. Stevel used to have a Ray do some of his work for him, he would built Stevel up during his conference calls and he also used Ray to promote other ways to sucure your soon to be may be the same guy
  3. You are correct, The CBI has been saying this for over a year now..+1 for ya
  4. So True Tony, he is the biggest crybaby in all of dinarworld when someone actually questions him..How dare them LOL
  5. I sure hope not..I have purchased quite a few off E the way, currency is can buy US currency off E bay, as well as mostly all other currencies
  6. I totally agree......everything is in cycles...Gold will be under $1,300 soon, and silver will be under 20...I sold most of my silver when it hit 50, sold off 2 gold pieces too...Will buy again in a year or 2
  7. Currency is currency...The guys and gals who brought home dinar from the war in Iraq do not have uncil. dinars...Do you think banks will tell them ,we only accept unc bills??......This Unc is being pushed on by dinar dealers. As long as the serial nuimbers are on the bills, they will be accepted, just like any other currency in the world...Most of mine were bought from TD Bank , alot of them are circulated, and the rest I purchased off E Bay, where you can buy circulated dinar much cheaper than the unc bills
  8. This art is NOT from the CBI, but a banker or dealer...article upon article has stated repeatedly that the exchange rate will be close to one to one....also, I think the 1-1,000 means that what you paid for with a 1,000 dinar, you can now pay for with a one dinar.......also not mentioned was the 25-50 fils, which would be the change you get back from a dinar....The CBI stated that their new currency would mirror the US....1-5-10-20-50-100..........I think this guy , either a banker or dealer only remembered partially what the CBI has stated in earlier articles......IMO
  9. I thought that also, 27th to the 30th, but heard on a IQD call that an art stated 19th was the starting day, maybe it was a typo or maybe it is the 19th, for security reasons....JMO
  10. I also think it will RV, but ya got to remember, this is a very speculative investment..I have been in this since July 09, just a newbie to some of these guys here at DV...dates come and go, months come and go, so we just wait and watch, just got to stay levelheaded
  11. from earlier articles, wasn't their new currency suppose to mirror the US, up to the $100 bill?????.....
  12. seems to be there will be no a 5-10-20 dinar???......wouldn't they need them in the marketplace, along with the 1 and 2 coins???........if you buy something for 3 dinar and give a 50, they are going to give you 47 dinar in change in 1 and 2 dinar coins??.......thats alot of coin to be carrying around
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