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  1. This will save their economic situation and mine. Well, all of you too!
  2. Oh my damn goodness can this be true??? If I read this right (and it looks like everyone's comments seem to support this), we are definitely looking at LEAST a 1:1 RV rate. Please let this be so, pretty please!
  3. I'm still not clear on what this means...not a lot of time to read today, so just skimmed. Are we redeploying there? Are we opening trade negotiations now? Someone break it down for me.
  4. I'm just curious, because in Adam's chat yesterday, they're talking about it likely being a float rate, starting at 0.10 cents and gradually moving upward. But when I read this about deleting 0's, that leads me to think it'll RV at 0.86 or 1.13, like we've all been talking about. So I just wonder which way it will play out now, based on this news.
  5. You know what would solve that...billions of little notes floating around that we affectionately call DINARS. Push the pretty red button and all your woes will be cured. Ours too.
  6. I apologize if this has been posted before. He seems to give pros and cons in investing in dinar, but with an obvious bias. Have you seen similar reports or been able to debunk what he's saying? Your thoughts.
  7. Well, it would suck if they straight up RD's and we're left with gobs of lopped bills. However, the US used to have large denominations, such as the $1000 bill from 1918. It's still honored at face value if you turn it in...sometimes MORE! We can only hope it will be the same case with the IQD.
  8. Just RV already so I can wear my bathrobe around Austin and drink white russians.
  9. I see Erbil and I see Baghdad. Between those two words I see "agreement". So, in putting two and two together, is it safe to assume the Erbil agreement is finally DONE?? Go RV...
  10. Oh god, I wish they'd just hurry this up so I can walk around Austin in a bathrobe, shopping for the perfect rug (that ties the whole room together) while drinking white russians. Abiding...
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