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  1. With a gradual increase of 15% per year, the IQD will hit $1 in 51 years. I don't think Kap's right on that one.
  2. And when we live in the Caribbean (the sea is less than a mile away from my house), we want to see big cities, mountains, snow etc... when we're on vacation lol
  3. Has the meeting of the 13th been cancelled? Or is it still on?
  4. Looks like we might have to wait till the 20th at least.
  5. Bandit795

    Go Iraq
  6. Sure he wasn't drinking brawndo??
  7. I don't get it. First it was 6 special grades, now it's 8 degrees?
  8. Bandit795

    Go Iraq

    They said it themselves in this article: The current legislative session is supposed to end at the end of this month.
  9. Bandit795

    Go Iraq

    Apparently he went to MIT and Harvard.
  10. The news about Mahdi sending in is resignation was bogus. I suspect this is as well.
  11. Bandit795

    Go Iraq

    Thank you God for this. I'm cautiously getting excited now.
  12. Bandit795

    Go Iraq

    Do they use comma or period to indicate one thousand? Nvm... DInar Thug just answered it.
  13. I don't think a building is what's holding back the RV.
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