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  1. Bandit795

    Baseball Playoffs

    Since Dodgers is my second favorite team after the White Sox.. Go Dodgers!!
  2. Senator Richard Black giving a presentation about Syria.
  3. Putting a Rothschild controlled central bank like they did in Libya.
  4. Flat-Earther, Democrat, Republican, SJW. Same thing different jacket.
  5. Have you ever argued with a flat-earther before?? It's frustrating. They have a different logic than the rest of us. That's all I can say about that.
  6. Shouldn't this be enough to enable Article 140? The Kurds allowed Baghdad to take over the disputed areas.
  7. Bandit795

    RIP...Another Guru Passes.

    May he rest in peace...
  8. Bandit795

  9. Bandit795


    You got to give him that one Shabs...

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