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  1. This is the reason why:
  3. It happens in every country. I doubt that there ever was a government in the history of mankind that was free of corruption.
  5. Iraq's fiscal year is the calendar year, so Jeff is definitely wrong about that one.
  6. This video explains how that happened. Fractional Reserve lending does not exist in the U.S. anymore since March 26th 2020.
  7. You're welcome. Quercetin works the same way as HCQ. Trump was right about HCQ.
  8. I used this to help an aunt and an uncle get healthy from covid-19 within four days. Quercetin, zinc, vitamin D3 and magnesium.
  9. That is the danger of a cashless society.
  10. Still like her music more before she became internationally famous.
  11. So it was all a show then... General Maximus in Gladiator: "Are you not entertained?" While everyone is distracted... Lets work on the RV.
  12. I've created a topic on videos from a Christian apologetic youtube account which goes into great detail about the post I mentioned about Monistic Idealism. Which supports the idea that we are all part of the same being/consciousness.
  13. Hi guys, This is for those who might find this interesting. It's a Christian apologetic youtube page, that uses science to explain God. The theory is called Monistic Idealism (Everything in reality is within and is created by one Consciousness, we call it God). It's similar to the simulation theory, and is completely backed by science. Every video has links to all of the scientific research they mention in the videos. The Chronological order is a bit messed up though. If you don't have time to watch them all, the last three are an excellent watch. The Death of Materialism (May 4th 2018) The Emergent Universe (Jul 6th, 2018) The Cosmic Conscious Argument for God's Existence (Jul 20th, 2018)
  14. Royalty and politicians back then, and politicians nowadays are a prime example of that. They use the government to do that.
  15. Some of Bernardo Kastrup's articles. His dissertation: Kastrup, B. (2019). Analytic Idealism: A consciousness-only ontology. Doctoral Dissertation, Radboud University Nijmegen. Like I said, that's a whole other theory, but once these ideas, which are more advanced than the Newtonian ideas we base our lives on become more well known in our common understanding of reality itself, there will be a lot less people trying to take advantage of each other or trying to do harm to each other.
  16. All of this is based on an outdated (Newtonian) notion of people and of reality, but that's a whole other story and a whole other topic.. The Golden rule of Christianity (and some other ancient religions) exists for a reason. Do unto others as you would have them do to you, because we are all part of the same being. When you hurt someone, you're actually hurting yourself in a much deeper way. Basically there is enough scientific evidence for the notion that we are not individuals apart from each other, but that we are part of one being. One consciousness.This is called Monistic Idealism. Bernardo Kastrup (who has recently gotten his second PhD with a dissertation on this subject, calls this the transpersonal consciousness. But that's a whole other subject, even though it gives an explanation and a solution for what you are discussing here.Tom Campbell (author of My Big TOE [Theory of Everything]) also discusses similar ideas.gaining ground in scientific discussion. Also, ever heard of the philosophy of liberty?
  17. Oh, the old "Muh Roads" argument. The private sector can also handle these as good as government can. Most probably more cost effective and efficiently.
  18. No problem. No hard feelings at all. Not everyone has to agree on everything. I've had a hard time coming to these conclusions. I may still be wrong, but seeing that most of the suffering the world is going through has at least a gubernatorial/authoritarian cause to it, it might be the case that government could be just one of the least moral ways of life around.
  19. Sorry for the late reply. I've been working and have also been sick.. Reading the replies now.
  20. First of all, the risk of putting his life in danger is a deterrent to him stealing. As for the chaos that will ensue, that's already happening on a massive scale with governments. The chaos of war or government atrocities are much worse than any personal situation there is. Look at Iraq today, all of the chaos that is going on has government action as a cause, this is obvious in the explanation of the videos in this thread. I'm not using your present government as an example of what it should not be. I'm using all governments in the history of mankind as examples of how it should not be. The constitution and the bill of rights allowed humans to be enslaved by other humans. They are far from being the best there is. The perpetual "purge" type of society already exists on a government scale.
  21. Stringfellow describes the state in very similar terms. Stringfellow doesn’t mince words. He calls these principalities “demonic.” We see it pretty clearly in totalitarian regimes – the Soviet Union, Nazi Germany, the Roman Empire and Babylon. But the same undercurrent of violence, force and coercion runs through every state – including the United States of America. Again – every tax-dollar collected and every law enforced is ultimately under the threat of deadly force. As Stringfellow puts it, the state exposes the moral authority of the demonic with directness and severity. That moral authority is death. * All of the Stringfellow quotes come from his book An Ethic For Christians & Other Aliens in a Strange Land.
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