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  1. That video is awesome I wanted to see how he landed it!!!
  2. Why yes there is since you asked…..Hold and buy more!!! I bought another 100 shares at $19.00 this Come on MOASS and Come on RV!!!
  3. Sure hope most everyone is still holding!!
  4. I will fully expect a bloody day in the market tomorrow. The CPI inflation index comes out first thing in the morning and the expectation is going up from 7.9% to 8.4% which is bad in itself but personally I expect it to be a little higher guess we shall see. March is where the energy has taken a huge spike up, it didn’t hit much in February so the outlook isn’t good!!
  5. Yes and if there is any stock that really needs to be shorted down to below a $1 Robinhood would be it!!!
  6. Yep Maliki and Biden are synonymous one in the same, once both of these two clueless corrupt POS people are gone life will be a WHOLE LOT BETTER FOR MILLIONS OF PEOPLE!!!!!!
  7. AMC and GME are running after hours because GME just announced a stock split right after the market closed!! Amazing how these two stocks are tied together but I will take it either way…lol..All we need is one of these stocks to squeeze and I bet both will go to the moon since these same corrupt hedgefunds must have shorted both stocks!!
  8. Just bought another 25 shares about 5 minutes ago I keep…Buy and Hold that’s my Motto!!!
  9. DING DING DING!! AMC closed up just over 45% today at $29.35!!! Hopefully this is all FOMO Buying and not any shorts covering, guess we will see that number on Wednesday if any shorts covered. I did help the cause once again I would have bought much earlier in the day but I bought another 100 shares during Power Hour at just over $28!!! My MOTTO IS BUY AND HOLD BUY AND HOLD BUY AND HOLD!!! It’s the only thing I know how to do…lol
  10. We consolidated a little and now over 158 million in volume with the stock back over $26.35 now! Hopefully we see another move up during power hour!!!
  11. Keylime is correct the reason why these hedge funds are more vulnerable at a much lower AMC rate is because of Liquidity! Back when ANC was in the 40’s and 50’s the stock market was at an all time high!! So for example Melvin Capital’s long positions were way up so they had lots of liquidity to withstand their short positions. Now Melvin Capital can’t seem to invest correctly now as they bought a ton of Facebook back in December at their all time high and Facebook now has lost over 33% over their value now. They also invested in great stocks like Peloton and many other big name all of which have dropped significantly in the past couple of months we are talking 100’s of millions of dollars! Also Melvin bought a lot of Russian bonds last year good for them…lol. Anyway you get the picture their long positions are way way down but they haven’t covered any of their short positions like AMC! So now with AMC GOING UP the scuttlebutt is $22 of AMC will get them Margin Called which is ALL we need is just one of the crooked hedge funds to get margin called and the computer take over and start liquidating their long positions and buy back all their short positions!! Once this happens AMC WILL ABSOLUTELY ROCKET TO THE MOON!!! Which will cause a domino effect and then all the other hedge funds will fall one by one because they can’t afford to keep their AMC SHORT position at $50-60-80+ dollars we will shoot up very very quickly when this happens because FOMO buying with be like no one has ever seen before!!!
  12. Over $26.40 today already and 80 million in volume!!!! Let’s go ANC BLAST THIS ROCKET TO THE MOON!!!
  13. The dinar will never come out at .03 to .10c that you can count on!!! It will be much higher then that depending on what they do with deleting the zeros and or straight up just RV of their currency!!
  14. Yes but hitting it and closing above $22 are two different things. It was only over $22 and just over for a very short time before it was pushed back down. However my guess is after we close above $22-$24+ for a couple of days hopefully that get Melvin Capital margin called…all we need is for the proverbial first domino or hedgefund to fall and have to cover. Once that happens and the stock start climbing FOMO will kick in like you have never seen before in my opinion! There is sooooo much money sitting and waiting on the side lines just waiting for this to happen!!!
  15. You do realize that Russia is still their oil in other markets and it’s basically rebranded and we are still buying it or they will stock pile all that oil in another country until their war is over and we will buy it then. Perfectly legal and avoids the sanctions, what people don’t realize is again it’s all BS a smoke screen the rich will always get richer it’s a rigged game no matter who is in office!!! The little guy rarely gets his fair share that’s why when an opportunity such as the Meme stock squeeze possibilities like AMC Stock take off like a rocket with the common man around the world!! It’s our chance to beat them at their own rigged game… people in massive numbers can change the game!!!! Now let’s go RV and let’s go AMC stock to the MOON!!!
  16. And here is the latest from Thomas James again talking about the significance of the $22!!! This is huge and I believe this leak is true also, fingers crossed we are on our way to bankrupting these corrupt hedgefunds and market makers!!!
  17. This is a great update today from Trey!!! Many out there truly believe we are following the May, June Fractal right before the huge June Run up!! I too believe we are following this unless some other corrupt factor happens to stop it.
  18. I just looked at the buy to sell ratio on Fidelity for today’s orders and was surprised it was closer then most days about 53% buy orders of 8,308 to 47% sell 7,493 orders!! Now two of those buy orders were mine since I bought 25 shares twice in the last 30 minutes of trading to help the cause!!!
  19. Yes over $22 is the theory that Melvin Capital will get liquidated let’s hope so as they own a lot of shorts on AMC! With that being said don’t be surprised if Citidel or JP Morgan Chase bails them out!!! I mean JP Morgan Chase bailed out ONE individual short seller from CHINA WTF!! Seriously an American company bailed out the Chines billionaire yes BILLIONAIRE that should been Margin called for over 8 Billion dollars on his Nickel short play when it squeezed!! And even after JP Morgan Chase told him to tone down his shorts on Nickel he said FU and bought more shorts!! This is all factual news over the past two weeks! So I too will say FU to JP Morgan Chase and everyone I know will never do business with them ever again!! Now back to AMC we are now over 125 million shares traded so FOMO buying is starting to kick in for sure the stock price is $21.26 which is still being surprised my guess is we should be closer to $25 right now but the corrupt hedgefunds and citadel are doing the best to hold it down! Hopefully we have some Huge Whales finally say it’s enough and do some massive FOMO buying to bankrupt these corrupt players!!
  20. Over 56 million shares traded in an hour this morning and look where the stock price is $18.97…Such BS!!!
  21. That would be something now!! All we need is for AMC to start running significantly and it will creat FOMO Buying like never before! I have other positions that I can exit anytime which I will do when this thing truly takes off and will be buying as many shares as I possibly can on the steep climb up!!!
  22. Actually I thought someone said it needed to be over $22….lol…Hopefully it continues to run in premarket tomorrow morning!!! After $22 there is an open channel and not much resistance to stop it is why I believe $22 was mentioned but we need to breakout above that level!! Over double the volume today so hopefully we get a lot more volume tomorrow to get this thing running!!!
  23. AMC IS RUNNING After hours $20.65!!!
  24. Yes up almost 18% today, I just bought another 75 shares about 30 minutes ago just because I can!! Lol…Truly amazing to see AMC and GME completely move exactly the same 99% of the time in either direction!! Two completely different companies yet the stock trades almost…no there is no market manipulation here, nothing to see here’s move along!
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