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  1. Now that they have the freedom to control their currency...only time will wisely they minipulate it.
  2. Welfare Queens working the system that was originally set up to help the genuinely needy until the scammers figured that they could live better on welfare than working.
  3. As long as they aren't political enemies and are "real terrorists"...have at them.
  4. Really hate to say this but it sounds like a lop and then a revalue....correct me if I'm wrong...which I would love to be.
  5. And so it begins. Should be an interesting next couple of months.
  6. I bought in 2009...and no,I don't see anythimg on the near horizon. They have to get their house in order first as far as I'm concerned otherwise it will be like children playing with matches.
  7. maybe the gurus will see this and wish they'd picked 11
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