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  1. Anybody can go thru a hard patch but welfare has become like a "badge of honor" or a career choice. I drive by and almost everyday the same beggars on the street, if they can find the energy to beg, why can't they GET A JOB? I am all for helping someone when they are down but too many people have their hands out. I am sick of it. Also... when did people stop supporting all the children they are bringing into the world? Seems like 80-90% of kids are now getting some kind of Chips, Medicaid or something. Personal Responsibility People!!!
  2. My biggest problem is not the giving, its the taking. I have no problem giving but we have no choice in the matter. The government takes whether you like it or not and decides who gets it even the lazy lying dead beats who are on welfare and wear it as a badge of honor Terrible horrible bill hope it is voted down. Until they address the cost they are just putting band aids on a gapping, bloody wound. How can an aspirin cost $100 in a hospital, ridiculous!
  3. there would be plenty of money if they would just cut the FRAUD and ABUSE
  4. I swear the answer is Army barracks and rice and beans. They have it too cushy, if it is better to sit on thy butt and have a phone, a place to live, groceries and everything else handed to them why on earth would they go to work? Most of those working on the low paying jobs have it worse than those living on the dole. Our country has got it backwards, reward workers, help those that truly need it (for a while) then rice, beans and army barracks.
  5. As a Texan, I do not have anything against CA peeps. What I don't like is them coming here and trying to turn our state blue with their stupid lib ideas, have you not run your state into bankruptcy? It's kinda like going to Japan and telling them to stop eating fish for breakfast. The other thing is the fact that all the real estate prices have doubled in the past 5 years. Other than that Howdy!
  6. Now, I love me some Texas but we are not the biggest. (In case you don't know that is Alaska) I am with you about all the stupid libs. I live in Austin and I can not believe it. Pfffffffffff
  7. I appreciate you posting this. Everyone I knew was reading the book, so I picked it up to read it too. Could not get thru the first book at all. I was just puzzled by all the praise and gushing about this book. My ex was a psycho and did horrible things to me and I am lucky to have gotten out of it. That book triggered me and left me with the heebie geebies. I think the difference is if it is mutual, but so many controlling men do not care, they just want what they want. Then it bleeds over and it is no longer playtime. That's the difference. With that being said I do support no censorship, but I will not be seeing the movie. I prefer a love story like The Notebook where the woman is honored.
  8. Dontlop what a horrible response. That made me so sick, if EITHER the man or woman is unhappy LEAVE There is NO excuse for violence for any reason WHAT SO EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Yep its time to get the chip off the shoulder ... they are their own worst enemy
  10. Wow that was a really good read Mulsayer, Why on an airplane do they say put YOUR mask on first before trying to help another. People need to WAKE UP America is in deep trouble we better pull our heads out of our butts and put us back on track FIRST then we can help others or just like a drowning person they are going to pull us under with them. We are already seeing it along the border.
  11. This short video is a "MUST WATCH!" for everyone! Remember the Chinese saying, "A picture is worth a thousand words? This speaks volumes. Well, here is a brief, perfect example!_
  12. I have always said how stupid it is that.... You have to Pay (an accountant) to find out how much you have to Pay. I agree that government needs to real it in, its out of control.
  13. I am all for helping people. however... as they say on the airlines put your mask on first then assist others. Our country is in shambles, we have GOT to put on our mask first. We are heading down the pooper fast!
  14. I have been wondering for a long time why they haven't impeached. She does speak for a lot of people but even more than that as much as he thinks he is above the law, the little dictator he's NOT. Until enough bind together and put the pressure on it will not happen. Unfortunately
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