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  1. Yeah Intel !! What a joke , I hate these stupid people that act like they are in the know!! CBI does the Rv and it's not going to do it when they are still collecting 50 dinar notes . That's at least until the end of April !
  2. Obama is letting Iran take over the Middle East !! It's crazy how he won't help Iraq and Iran is leading the fighting in Iraq !! If they take over Iraq it will be very bad for all of us .
  3. We except to much from them lol!! Let's just see if they get the notes off the streets so they can increase the value of the dinar !! They alway stated they want to get the note count to 1B and the value down from trillions to billions!! I believe they stayed they are down to 4B notes!! Have to find the article .
  4. Well let's see what happens after April 30 , of they come out press release that they no longer worth anything !!
  5. lol , he said someone called them and they weren't aware of it ! Sounds weird!! But he also said they had taken it down !! Who knows
  6. Please check into this , they said the central bank didn't put out an official notice that they are taking in the 50 notes!! Someone called the bank and said they are not aware of this press release !! Thanks
  7. They are taking in bills to reduce the note count to raise the value of the dinar , it's not a lop.
  8. The CBI is in control of the RV, everything is going according to the plan. Took longer but now the CBI is doing what we want lowering the note count so the value of the dinar will increase!! Just let it play out!!
  9. Some history!! Historically relevant for us is the fact that the Dinar use to be allot higher then it is now $3 And they had about 30 billion Dinar notes printed that represented its value when it was at this rate now mind you this is before the dif types of currency in Iraq started to get printed and you will understand this in a min when I quote the retired Brigadier General who was tasked on exchanging the Dinar for the NID the notes we hold now People in the past have argued over the rate and inflation and all that garbage here is a quote from the Brigadier general who actually exchanged the currency out talking about the Rates and why “I lead the currency exchange program in Iraq. I was stationed in Iraq from September 2003 to January 2004. The currency exchange program ran from October 15 2003 to January 15 2004. Currency exchange was necessary for five reasons; (1) Two currencies were in circulation, the old Swiss Dinar in the north and the Saddam Dinar in the Rest of the country; (2) Inadequate numbers of denominations existed, the Swiss Dinar came in 3 denominations and the Saddam came in only two denominations; (3) The currency was poorly made and easily counterfeited; (4) The Saddam Dinar had been devalued and the public had little trust in it; (5) The presence of Saddam On the currency was inappropriate. But, in the great majority of the country, they had the Saddam Dinar with Saddam's face on it. There were basically only two denominations of that: there was a 10,000-dinar Note, which was worth about $5, and there was a 250-dinar note, which was worth about 12.5 cents, 12 cents. The reason its value had dropped so low was because of Saddam’s Inflationary monetary policy. In comparison, back in the '80s, before the Saddam Dinar came about, the rate of exchange was about $3 to one Dinar. But because of Saddam There was now a total upside-down situation where one dollar was worth about 2,300 Dinar. ”
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