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  1. I'm aware of that, but, not at the level of Iraq selling off dollars. I'm not saying it has to go %100. The corruption is beyond comparision. That's a fact!
  2. Its very clear whats going on. It's called corruption! As long as the "Auctions" are alive, no one's getting paid. Get it?
  3. Let's wait and see. This is Iraq. If there's one thing their experts at, it's stalling!
  4. 3 months? Perfect!! 3 months from now, they will kick the can d own own the road once again. Sound familiar?
  5. I'll tell you who I am. I've been in for 13 yrs and heard and seen everything. I'm not a puppet who believes everything they read and hears from moron gurus. I do my own research. We will se a change soon but it more than likely be at the 1120 rate. Thats not what I'm looking for... Hows that!!!!
  6. You explain to me what he means by the Dinar is stronger! Come on I'm waiting...
  7. Remember, its an opinion piece from an Economist. We've seen thousands of these over the years...
  8. They will just continue to kick the can down the road and eventually return to 1460, then pat themselves on the back for it. Pathetic!
  9. Here we go again! All the same jibberish that we've heard for years. They'll get to a certain point and then one group of scumbags will be against it and it will go nowhere. Groundhog Day once again!!
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