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  1. He"s a dandy. Ranks right up there with Luigi!!
  2. Luigi, I"m flabbergasted. Another wingding post.
  3. I sometimes don't agree with the gurus you quote, but I believe you are very truthful and informative. One of the best
  4. When will an honest "guru" come out and say, "I have no idea what's going on" because no one is in the Know
  5. mtn. goat, "Many" people have asked you......Are you calling your mommie and wife "many" They are probably the only peeps that believe any of the sewage you bring
  6. They have run out of B.S. to spread to us lowly minions
  7. You are one of those who quotes religeous quotes and then stabs people in the back. You are a two faced little squid.
  8. Who says I have been negging Everyone, ******
  9. If you think you have problems down there, we have a dipstick running this country. (Trudeau) He gives all our money to other countries. I bet after we vote him out, he gets an a cushy ambassadorship to some overseas country.
  10. People seem more concerned with not getting rubies and greenies than bringing honest news. Grow a pair. Bunch of whiny babies. Should just abolish the stupid point system. Silliness
  11. We don't need any of those. We have you!!
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