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  1. If you believe Luigi, I have ocean front property in Arizona for sale
  2. They aren't going to show off a new bill with some grubby truck driver hands ( no offence) holding it. The fella or maybe some Iraqi babe chews his nails and has hang nails.
  3. Grouping Adam Montana in with those others is somewhat a kick in the nards, isn't it?. They aren't even worthy of wiping Adams butt.
  4. That $3000,if invested in a simple GIC, doubles every 9 years, so if it doesn"t RV at a good rate, most people here will lose money. If it lops you will actually lose $6000. So heres hopeing it RVs. Hopefully a large RV.
  5. Perhaps you are right. I will stay away from the site. No use getting our buns in a knot over silliness
  6. So you condone Luigi coming out with "facts" from people saying the dinar is out now at 4$ and saying to wait for 800 numbers. Come on now. Those aren't rumors. It"s just trash. It"s not even entertainment anymore. 99% of what other people say on the site is honest and full of very useful information. To all 99% of you out there, have a very Merry Christmas.
  7. It's Christmas, start telling the truth. Enough of the crap!
  8. Bunch of Baloney. Mtn. Goat and Luigi tripping hand in hand
  9. I, for one wouldn't believe a word Mtn Goat says. He or she has contacts in the CBI? Why doesn't he or she ever come out with any provable information? He has a lot of opinions. I think he's so full of****, his eyes are brown. Prove me wrong Mtn. Goat
  10. Iraq couldn't cover the payout. That would cost 3 trillion dollars. Where is that possible?
  11. Its getting more unbelievable as the days wear on.
  12. People, you must remember this is just the rumor section. Plain damn silly sh** is all that's allowed here. If you are looking for intelligence, there is a real news section somewhere
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