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  1. stonecobra52

    FBI forms Iraq dinar scam team

    Just a thought but after anyone fills in this form (legit or not) then they now have a list of WHO owns Dinar...
  2. stonecobra52

    LD Issued To Banks.

    I spent 6.5 years over there and i can't see 70% of the people that buy fuel, food, supplies along the road in open market places using ATM machines or Plastic money cards.Just my thought and opine
  3. stonecobra52

    any 800#s

    How did Luigi's name get brought into this
  4. stonecobra52

    The RV Is Now Global Except For USA...We're Next?

    I will not be able to get the smell out of my cell phone for a week
  5. stonecobra52

    A Short Poem You Won't Forget

    Well said...All give some...Some give All
  6. stonecobra52

    Adam Montana Weekly 27 April 2016

    Been following weekly chats for years and final joined + VIP. Thank you Adam for what you do
  7. I have been following u guys for many years but finally joined the sight and VIP...Enjoy the humor specially the clown
  8. I just pray our next President is a republican nuf said

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