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  1. Hi I'm selling 3 million dinar ,uncirculated in 25k-10k-and 5k........I'm looking to do a cash on delivery in santa monica or venice area this week.....price is 750 per million hoping to sell them all to one person.......thanks
  2. Just curious what’s different with this budget than all previous budgets... thsnks
  3. Lol thank you sir I wish every dinarvets member the best of luck and hope we all see the fruits of the loom soon
  4. We are all here for the same reason ,there is nothing wrong with this reply I take my hat off to you sir for noticing what I did too ....I only wish dinarvets had the name beside the negs so we can all see the cult minded people who say the slightest thing against Adam ... we all want the dinar to rise in value so we can all move on with nice gains ....
  5. lol I'm sure adam has broad shoulders lol we are all here for the same reason....
  6. Mr Montana is pumping vip what else do you want
  7. lol we are about to come into a lot of wealth with dinar will wait to see about that lol .....I do believe crypto will go crazy this year and its a chance in a lifetime to become debt free if you make the rite moves....
  8. Not sure what hes seeing on google all I see is 1 million dinars equals 840 us dollars...........
  9. no matter how near we feel we are to the dinar rising in value I just get a gut feeling this will just go on forever ,year after year it just feels the same me negative nelly but if mr potatoe head has caused so much death and corruption in Iraq how the hell can he even be talking about running again, it does seem Iraq is so corrupt they will never get their s--- together enough to do anything good like raise the value of their currency. Countries keep on loaning and helping Iraq with no clear motive,ive heard for years its because they know they will be the next big player
  10. that's funny laidback adam is busy chasing his coins lol........
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