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  1. A Little over 100mil total shares is small, even in western terms. In Iraq terms, this speaks volumes!
  2. It looks like Iraq is serious about getting a REAL budget going. Not too far fetched to say this time it will include the HCL
  3. Interesting. Who's ready for the developing banking infrastructure perhaps?
  4. This is what I see. (Keep in mind this is my opinion only.) GCC Consists of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, UAE Oman and (For now) Qatar Iraq has been making the necessary payments to Kuwait Saudi Arabia has been cozying up with Iraq economically for the past year. This is all a rollout to get them into the GCC officially. This means they need to put a few things in place (say, HCL). This then kickstarts adding value to the currency. Thoughts?
  5. So NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ONE sees the significance in this?!?! .......................aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand crickets!
  6. IMO this is the start of something big Iraq signs new visa-free agreements to elevate low-ranking passport By Rudaw 11/10/2018 The passport for the Federal Republic of Iraq. File photo: AP BAGHDAD, Iraq — Following a new survey that ranks the Iraqi passport as the lowest in the world, the foreign ministry says that Iraqi citizens will be able to travel to several new countries visa free beginning next year thanks to a series of agreements reached with foreign governments. "The foreign ministry continues its efforts and we've signed a few memorandums of understanding about our diplomatic, service and ordinary passports and traveling for tourism visa free," Ahmed Mahjoub, the spokesman for the foreign ministry said on Thursday. Mahjoub said the world passport ranking was outside the control of the Iraqi foreign ministry and countries draw their visa rules "by taking into account the security and economic situation" of other countries. According to Henley & Partners Passport Index, the Iraqi passport ranks 106th in the world, allowing its holders visa free travel to 30 countries. The Japanese passport comes out on top, allowing visa free travel to 190 countries. Mahjoub told the media that things will improve in the first half of 2019 "because negotiations with some countries have had really good results." The foreign ministry spokesperson said that "the reciprocity policy" is what decides what countries give visas to the citizens of another country "and for that same reason getting an Iraqi visa is among the most difficult." Currently, Series A passports are issued to Iraqi citizens in all provinces and valid for eight years with final approval coming from the central government in Baghdad.
  7. If you have another mil, let's setup a time this Sunday in Santa Monica.
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